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    Bull Riding


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    Bull Riding Empty Bull Riding

    Post by Medeia 21st August 2018, 12:12 pm


    Sarisha could not help but laugh as she approached the mechanical bull and climbed on to it. Only a few days ago, she found herself riding a huge boar for real and now this. Life definitely had a sense of humour and the purple haired mage was more than confident in completing this challenge. The blabbermouth fool had no idea what he had gotten himself for by challenging the bar and for his sake, he had better have the jewels to pay up afterwards. He was an arrogant piece of trash, traits that even the usually casual Sarisha could not stand. She truly wanted to punch him in his hideous face, a temptation that was difficult for her to ignore. Amusingly, she could almost feel her Godly soul mate egging her on.

    Nodding her head to the man controlling the bull, the Slayer relaxed and prepared for the device to start. With a whirring noise, it did just that and Sarisha started to shift her body in time with the bull. She was surprisingly graceful and there were one or two of the punters who seemed to become mesmerised by her. That amused her but that was as far as it went. She had no interest in the male gender and certainly did not feel embarrassed or shy about her beautiful form being displayed in front of them in such a way. They could stare as much as they wanted. Compared to her adventure with the mother boar, this mechanical one seemed almost tame in comparison.

    The speed began to increase but Sarisha was in complete control, adapting to the change with ease and managing to make it all look like child's play. The crowd were definitely getting in to it though and the male who made the wager looked more and more uncomfortable by the moment. It was as if he had just one of those, "I have made a terrible mistake," realisations. The faster the bull moved, the more graceful she seemed and she ended up taking her hands off of the bull completely, using just her legs for balance. If there was an easier way to make jewels then she did not know it and by the time the bull came to the end, there was an audible groan from the crowd, before they gave her a standing ovation for her effort, wolf whistles and all.

    Grinning and performing an extravagant bow to the public, she then made her way to the sheepish gambler, who quickly ferreted around in his pockets and paid her what he promised. With that, she turned to leave, before turning back around again and cracking him in the face with her right fist, sending him backside first on to the bar floor. She received another cheer for that and after helping herself to the rest of his drink, decided that it probably was time to leave then and swiftly made her way towards the exit. What had originally meant to be a night off had actually become one of her most profitable nights work. Who would have thought that?

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