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    You're Just A Hot Mess;; Open.

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    You're Just A Hot Mess;; Open.  Empty You're Just A Hot Mess;; Open.

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 22nd August 2018, 2:23 pm

    She was back in Rose Garden today but it wasn't exactly like she wanted to be in the city that was pretty much owned by Black Rose, sure she liked the place, but she had her reasons for avoiding it. Coming home to that smiling face that expected her to be years more mature than she was, and those mages who thought she was the least bit respectable and reliable, it was sickening. These days the mage found each day increased the wish she could break her vow of never drinking, but it was just not going to happen, she couldn't face her past even if what she was doing would be something that helped her drown more. Perhaps it was time to get back in contact with some of the dealers she had once known in her youth, see if they had anything strong enough to make her black out even for a few brief minutes. Would that not be fantastic? One problem, she didn't want to break anyone's image of her, so it meant finding some way to indulge without getting caught! Doing that was going to be one of the most difficult things she had ever done. Breaking without letting anyone know she was shattering slowly would be harder than any job she had ever partaken in and she had been on some pretty rough ones.

    Aqua optics scanned the brightly lit streets, wandering barefoot down one of the main streets, skirt bouncing alongside her tail with every step. "Well, this should be interesting." her ears perked and bent back slightly in friendly interest when she heard someone talking about the gambling night happening in one of the local bars. Maybe they needed some extra eyes, or senses, to watch what everyone was doing during the gambling. Jiyu had extensively been involved in gambling as a runaway, especially since her heightened senses allowed her to cheat uncaught or catch someone else cheating her, and thus outsmart them. Maybe, just maybe? This could be the relief she needed from having to think so hard about how badly she had screwed up, catching other people messing up and exposing them like the little bitch she always had been, it even seemed righteous even though she was doing it somewhat out of spite!

    "Yo, let me in, I want to see the show, unbiased spectator!" the blue-haired girl strode right up to the door, pigtails swaying as they parted slightly yo let her into the building. When someone in Black Rose asked to see what was going on, almost no one in Rose Garden was stupid enough to defy them. "This is going to be so fun!" with that comment she took a seat close to the main table that would be displaying most of the games for the night. Who would be playing first, and what would they be playing? She couldn't wait to see, oh she hoped someone would cheat so she could call them out on it and eat the anger that resulted from others because of it!


    You're Just A Hot Mess;; Open.  Miku_chibi_by_kenneos-d4l2s2w

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    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    You're Just A Hot Mess;; Open.  Empty Re: You're Just A Hot Mess;; Open.

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 22nd August 2018, 9:18 pm

    Wearing a blue t-shirt and black skirt with white tennis shoes, Victoria strolled down the streets of Rose Garden. She had heard about a gambling night at one of the local bars and decided to drop in. Chances were that the bar needed some extra help since there would be so many people there. Maybe they needed muscle to eject rowdy patrons. Victoria was usually keen on opportunities to pick up some extra Jewels.

    After the fracas with the clones of Mayumi, Seth and herself at Silver Moon Inn, Victoria wanted to take a day off before taking another job. Tonight she would see what the bar had going on. The brunette would not drink and she would not gamble. She needed to be sober in case a fight broke out and she needed to keep all the Jewels she had. Jewels were hard to come by but easy to spend.

    Victoria would let other people feed the pots. She was just there to see what was going on. She spotted a small line in front of a building with a large sign advertising tonight's games. That must have been it. She briefly spotted a familiar blue-haired person skipping the line and entering without any problems.

    The brunette decided to wait in line. A dozen people soon crowded in behind her. Victoria opted to wait. She was in no hurry and would save her Black Rose membership privileges for urgent situations. Getting into a bar was not an urgent situation.

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