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    Assassination Solution: The Coldest Flower


    Assassination Solution: The Coldest Flower Empty Assassination Solution: The Coldest Flower

    Post by Guest 9th August 2018, 2:32 pm

    Job Description:

    "Nice garden you have, Miss Coldflower," Sarisha said sweetly, a smile crossing her face as she glanced around at the colourful displays that were all around her. It appeared that the old woman took a great deal of pride in her work, too much perhaps. Pride always came before a fall of course and judging from what she had been secretly up too, maybe she already had suffered the fall. She had been sent to this house for a reason and it certainly was not to compliment the jealous old dragon's gift with with plants. No, this was not a social call.

    "A shame that it wasn't good enough to beat your neighbour though," she continued, her tone still as sweet as before, "It's also a shame that you're a cantankerous, envious, cowardly old bat, who can't handle the idea of being second fiddle." Her eyes focused on to Miss Coldflower at this point, watching as her words penetrated the elderly woman's mind, "It's well known that you've put a contract out to kill her Coldflower and I'm here to tell you to cancel it, now. She was loving every moment of this, enjoying the torment she was inflicting on this horrible old lady.

    "I will do no such thing," Miss Coldflower spat in response, "You think you can just barge in to my home and threaten me? I have every right to put a contract out on that nosy cow and I will not cancel it just because a thug tells me too. Get out of here before I lose my temper."

    The smile never leaving her face, Sarisha clapped her hands once and a geyser of water rose up and destroyed a row of the woman's displays, leaving nothing but a horrible mess. She then took a step forward and looked down at the old woman, her gaze almost staring a hole through her. Her almost six foot frame easily dwarfing her jealous target. The frightening thing was not the look though but the smile that still played across her lips. She felt no anger at being insulted, no inner fury that was waiting to erupt. No, she was perfectly in control, simply enjoying it all.

    "That was just a glimpse of what I'm capable off and each you time you say no, I am going to destroy another row of your precious plants. If I run out of plants then you are next, have no doubt about that. I'm not one of those legal guild trash who tries to find a peaceful solution to everything, Miss Coldflower. I'm a God, from a plain of existence that you can't even begin to fathom. Now, are you going to withdraw this contract?" If the old woman did not believe her words, the look in her eye would be more than enough to prove her sincerity.

    The old woman wilted, much like her planets probably did, "Fine, I will cancel the contract, just leave me and my garden in peace. I will not bother my neighbour or anyone else again, you have my word.

    "Your word is not good enough," Sarisha answered, "You will cancel it, now."

    The old woman walked back in to her house and soon the sound of voices could be heard as she spoke over the phone. A couple of minutes later, she returned to Sarisha.

    "Satisfied? It is done, now go," she said, almost in tears.

    Without another words, Sarisha walked around the old woman and left. Satisfied with her day's work and thriving in her life as a mage.

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