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    A Beautiful Assassination


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    A Beautiful Assassination  Empty A Beautiful Assassination

    Post by Maddox 8th November 2020, 5:14 pm

    Assassination wasn’t really Maddox’s thing. No really. She considered herself more of a thief than an assassin, and usually considered the heist a failure if she had to kill. So instead she considered this contract to kill a certain Mr. Laurence Silverspoon a heist that involved murder, since she also had to steal a family heirloom. From what little planning and staking out she had to, this would be an easy job. There were only silly little fangirls at the main entrance, which she wouldn’t be taking anyways, constantly sleeping guards, and the only real problem, guard dogs... who based on their treatment only needed some fresh meat bribes, and Maddox felt sorry enough for the beasts to free them anyways. That was actually the biggest risk she took in the whole affair, to her opinion.

    The manor itself was beautiful enough, and Maddox spent a full 20 minutes gushing over the various art displays and architecture before moving onto the young master’s bedroom at a steady pace. She heard the young man knew some self-defence, so she had prepared a pistol and lead-weighted baton in case he put up too much of a struggle before having his brains blown out. This really wasn’t worth using her magic not, simply not… beautiful enough.

    After her leisurely walk through the manor Maddox arrived in the room she knew young Mr. Laurence Silverspoon resided. The young man was stupid and arrogant enough not to post any guards near his room, with the excuse to not want to be interrupted. Thanks to this Maddox knew even if he was to make a fuss and if her gun went off too early, it would still take a few minutes for the guards to arrive. Plenty of time for her to do the deed and get out. Honestly, Maddox wouldn’t even have taken the job if the pretty boy hadn’t pissed her off so much. He ruined the face of one of her contacts daughters because she rejected him, and her face had been oh so pretty… Maddox thought not only would she get on her contacts good side, but punish someone for destroying something beautiful. Mostly when they have the arrogance to think they are more beautiful themselves. That and the poor dear doggies had her surprisingly ok with blowing out the young man's head.

    Maddox ducked into the room, then immediately found herself ducking a sharp-edged playing card. It seemed the Silverspoon boy was less of a fool than she initially thought and set some warning spells out beforehand. Well, no matter. The boy had some interesting trick and a few hand-to-hand combat abilities, but no actual magic. He was begging for his life and trying to flee soon enough. They looked uglier when he was pathetic. Maddox put his face out of its misery and shot the boy in the heart, killing him nice and quick. But she had spent too much time playing with him and grabbing the family heirloom on her way, shot out into the night like a dark wraith. Her job here was done.

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