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    Escort Services [Job | Ari Everlescent]


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    Escort Services [Job | Ari Everlescent] Empty Escort Services [Job | Ari Everlescent]

    Post by SeaGlass 7th August 2018, 9:26 pm

    The capital city really was very pretty at night. Even Arcadia had to admit that, looking out from the balcony of her room. The sun's disc had gone down, but it's glow still made for twilight off in the horizon. Directly over the city though, the first stars were coming out, and the cities lights were already all sparkling down below.

    Saying crowds and crowded spaces were not Arcadia's thing was an understatement. Here she was though, in one of the most peopled places in all of Fiore. How she talked herself into answering this poster, she'd never know, but there was no backing out. She had a partner this time, relying on her to show up and do her part.

    The nobility of Fiore were throwing all kinds of soirees all the time. This one she and her new partner had been hired for was no different. She wondered just what kind of people these nobles were, and hoped dearly she wouldn't disappoint them. Being a last minute stand in, Arcadia was extra nervous. She'd barely gotten even meet her partner for this yet.

    She didn't know much about the soiree itself either, except it must be a pretty big deal, if the gown, jewelry and hair stylist they loaned Arcadia for the night were any indication. Her long pale blonde hair was up in a ponytail that still hung almost halfway down her back. A couple stylized strands had been arranged by the stylist to hang in a stylized 'mess' to frame either side of her face. Then there was one lick stuck up from just above her forehead that refused to behave no matter who tried to tame it.

    The gown she was loaned was a strapless ball gown made of crushed green velvet with matching evening gloves, and sparkling diamond necklace. Arcadia loved it all... except for the shoes. The young slayer almost never wore them on her own, but tonight, it was part of the deal.

    It was time. Time to head down and meet her partner, and both their dates. Arcadia turned and stumbled from her shoes. Stepping out of them, she figured she had the rest of the night to try not stumbling around. She picked up her shoes, and hurried on down to the hotel lobby.

    Reluctantly, Arcadia slipped her shoes back on, and looked around for her partner. She coughed, and forced her voice above it's usual soft volume, ”Ari?”

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    Escort Services [Job | Ari Everlescent] 3FQiytD

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