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    What Are The Odds? (Ambrosia/Calathes/Jaxton)


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    Private What Are The Odds? (Ambrosia/Calathes/Jaxton)

    Post by Ahote 2nd August 2018, 7:49 pm

    The topic of food wasn't the most exciting on to anyone who lived in the Basilisk Fang guild fortress. Most of the refrigerated storage contained budget meals if you could even call it that. Living the lifestyles they did, it was hard to come across opportunities for a decent meal, or perhaps some were too weary to simply waltz into bars and restaurants expecting a peaceful dinner. So, as a result of this, most of their expenses went more towards exotic and quality alcohol than it did anything else, and that was apparently enough to satisfy the needs of most basilisks. It was equally satisfactory for Ahote, who didn't drink at all, who was quite alright eating substandard food and watching drunks go about their days.

    However, even criminals of the finest caliber had a taste for quality food from time to time. So, the raven-haired guildmaster, the cheeky Ambrosia, and the soft-spoken Theo quickly found themselves going from the mere mention of food to their feet taking them as far as Capital Crocus in search of the fanciest, most highly regarded of diners. Of course, none of them came with a heavy wallet, but the capital was full of well-to-do folks who did. Nimble, slippery fingers slithered in and out of the pockets of fat, stocky men, and women too airheaded for their own good. Not even an hour had passed since their arrival to the capital and they felt like some of the wealthiest investors prancing about already.

    As far as Ahote could tell, none of them prepared for the occasion, he himself only bringing a pair of sunglasses on an otherwise sunless day to shield his topaz pools from the public. He certainly put the bare minimum of effort into veiling his dangerous reputation underneath cheap glasses so that it would be enough for skeptical passer-bys looked twice before heading on. Yet, not enough to question it too deeply. Gleefully, Ahote hugged the many wallets in his arms whilst strolling down the shoulder of a crowded street, "You two have any place in mind?" he began flippantly, "My arms are beginning to feel heavy. . ." On either side of the street could one find several restaurants, some cafes, and others street vendors of the highest quality. There were far too many to choose for the decisive man.


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