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    Where, Oh Where Has the Moon Gone? (Jaxton's Intro Thread)

    Odessa Hart

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    Where, Oh Where Has the Moon Gone? (Jaxton's Intro Thread)

    Post by Odessa Hart on 18th June 2018, 6:23 am

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    A new home, eh? It seemed almost too good to be true. Timid footsteps littered the ground as Jaxton made his way forward, unsure of whether or not this was a great idea. He enjoyed humans, sure, but perhaps they would not enjoy him in return. That always seemed to be his fear when it came to these sorts of things. "You can do this, Jax... Come on... It's not that scary... Just... Go in... Introduce yourself. Everything will be fine!" His motivational speech to himself did little to calm the nerves that rumbled within his stomach, but still, he pushed on, reaching the entrance to the building that he had heard much about. Why did it seem even more menacing up close?! Letting out a deep sigh, the white haired male reached a hand outwards, grabbing the door handle and twisting it. As the door slowly creaked open, he peaked his head inside, not confident enough yet to enter fully.

    People littered the area, seeming to be a bit too busy to notice that the door had even opened at all. If he wanted to get their attention, it probably would be best to say something. But boy was Jaxton nervous! His vocal cords seemed to be paralyzed within his throat! He had half a mind to just turn around and run out of there. But where would he go? He didn't really have a home, now did he? The human world truly was a cruel place, wasn't it? "U-U-Uh..." He managed to stutter, flinching a bit as he did. He had never been at a loss for words like this before. So why now? Why did it have to be at a time like this? He was trying to make a good first impression here! "Jaxton... U-Uh... Here... Hello?" He called out like an idiot. Cheeks beginning to turn a light shade of red, the boy continued to stand awkwardly in the doorway, not wanting to make more of a fool of himself than he already had.


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    Re: Where, Oh Where Has the Moon Gone? (Jaxton's Intro Thread)

    Post by Yona on 18th June 2018, 10:37 am

    Yona Hisamori was having a fine time of it trying to juggle jobs, working with Johann as her mentor, and learning exotic and useful information from Sol on the side. Although since that big fight with Johann, she had yet to leave the guild for more than a quick sneaky trip down to the water, cause bed rest and taking it easy was stupid. Still, Yona did have things to complete anyway. The only way she could get the poison-user, Sol, to give her the secrets of deadly poisons, which would help her in turn interpret the book her father had written on the use of her own magic, was to agree to be respectful to him and to follow his directions.

    So here she was again, it felt like it had been weeks, carrying yet another set of books on poison around. There was a big black one labeled "The Diagnostic Manual for Venom and Poison Injury", a thick short book with red bindings called "The Uses of Hematoxins for Healing" and a thin picture-based identification guide on top with block letters reading "A Guide to Identifying the Snakes in Eastern Tolgalen". She wondered who the hell went through all the effort to write all these damn books and worse off, despite her insisting on field work Yona wondered why Sol insisted right back that she learn the information from text first.

    She carried the stack to breakfast, but sat there until nearly lunch time again, drinking several cups of coffee. The drink made her somewhat edgy after awhile but it helped her concentration and staying awake in reading these dull manuals. "I could be reading Book Two of the Dark Phoenix series by now," She bemoaned leaving the dining hall of the guild. The woman with long green hair had had it 'shortened' recently and was instructed to take it easy. So, with no jobs and no work, Yona was stuck with Sol and his books for now. She dragged her feet, half cautious about using her legs and half just plain lazy, through the guild hallway until she saw a young man poking his head shyly through the main guild entrance. Yona stood to the side as he called out his name in a shaky voice. She pursed her lips and considered for half a second on just going upstairs, but this was a great distraction from her books (which weren't really boring per se, just not as interesting as the field work she had been expecting since day 1).

    Time to do the right thing, I guess, she thought to herself. She put on an alluring smile and swept into the open with graceful motion. "Oh good afternoon, come on in. Are you a client, can we help you with something? Or are you looking to join the West Fiore Trading Company? I can help look for a VP to talk to." She motioned for him to enter fully into the hallway but as he was awkward and timid, she chose not to wait for him either. Yona took his hand in a strong grip and pulled him inside. Her short hair was ruffled in the breeze as the door would close behind Jaxton, her green eyes full of life. This was much better than 'homework'. "My name is Yona Hisamori, but just call me Yona."


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    Re: Where, Oh Where Has the Moon Gone? (Jaxton's Intro Thread)

    Post by Starstruck XD on 18th June 2018, 11:43 am

    Haia finds herself back in Talonia, at least before the happenings of today. Why was she back in Talonia despite having residence in Tolgalen and being an employee of West Fiore Trading? Simple, her mother fell ill, and her pets have been rather protective of her mother when she came home. However they were acting like their usual selves again once they realized who was at the door.

    "Mum I told you to cut down on all that exercise," Haia chidded as she wrote into a book labelled 'Identification Guide of venomous species in Tolgalen Greens'. Haia's mother stared at her daughter grumpily with one arm folded across her chest, she would... need a hand if she wanted two arms to fold across her chest.

    "And young lady you should be increasing your exercise," Haia's mother pinches the underside of Haia's arm, surprising the mage and sighs seeing her book is safe from the harms of horrible stains. "Look at this you are so soft now!"

    "Mum I literally go out to find these guys in forests thicker than your triceps and biceps," Haia gestures to a brownish gray snake casually sleeping on the desk. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Solid Sleeper Snake in Tolgalen forests? These guys blend into the rocks and dirt! They could be on dirt paths littered with cobblestone and you still won't see them!"

    "And do you know how hard it is to train to be part of the Royal Elf Queen's personal brigade?"

    "You'll need to throw spears that land deep inside a Redwood you told me like so many times Mum," Haia laughed before finishing the last page. "There geez Mum if it was not for you I swear to the Elf Queen I would not have this publish for Sol."

    "You mean that poison demon thing in your guild?"

    "Yes poison demon thing," Haia packed her things and lifted up the sleeping snake and puts it around her neck. "Time to go little guy."

    Now we jump to the present moment, where Haia was behind Jaxton. Curious as she heard voices inside the building, Haia opens to see that Yona had already greeted Jaxton and gave a wave to Yona.

    "Hey Yona how was 'A Guide to Identifying the Snakes in Eastern Tolgalen?' I saw you reading it one day, any reviews? It took me forever to find one of these guys," Haia gestures to the Solid Sleeper. "Interesting snakes the Solid Sleepers. Capable of delivering a dose of venom that instead of killing or paralyzing, it puts them to sleep, and these snakes swallow them whole. Though... it was by far one of the most useless features... See the reddish marking on its head that resembles an exclamation point? Apparently if you manage to startle one of these, often with direct eye to eye, it lights up like a beacon." Haia rubs the snake under the chin. "Ah but they are so docile, they only strike if hungry or startled."

    Haia then spots Jaxton and bows slightly. "Oh hello, welcome to West Fiore Trading Company. And don't worry about the snake, I'm just a researcher off work. I tend to bring in some specimens before I check in. My name is Haia Illie Starstruck, and I believe my colleague Yona Hisamori has introduced herself already. If there is anything Yona is uncertain of, you can approach me." Haia smiled. Dang she is good at her job.

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    Re: Where, Oh Where Has the Moon Gone? (Jaxton's Intro Thread)

    Post by Cirven on 18th June 2018, 4:15 pm

    A rumbling came through the forest along with trees being visibly moved around in the distance. It was a quick thing that happened but most people were able to move out of the way of what came out of the forest and into the area in front of the West Fiore Trading Company as a giant snake around half as tall of the large headquarters, made its appearance and started causing havoc. People started to run for their lives away from the building and towards every other way that was not close to the large purple snake. The snake seemed to be acting as though it was threatened by those around it and swung its body around into those nearest to it causing them to be sent flying in different directions than they desired to go into. A policing force that the WFTC and the country had attempted to stop the snake from attacking but were being forced back by the creature due to how large it was. Spells were shot off at the snake but its thick skin appeared to absorb the damage as it brought itself closer and closer to the WFTC HQ. All of the magic used on the snake caused it to become even more violent and it quickly lunged towards the policing force members with a newfound speed while its mouth was held wide open towards them. The protectors were completely under the snake's control with how strong it was compared to them and all they could do was guard against the attack aimed towards them.

    Just before the snake could get itself to gulping down any of the protecting force something slammed into the side of its face and caused it to roll violently across the ground from the force of the impact. "We really should train you guys more. Maybe I should drop you in the forest in groups one of these days." A seven year old, dual eyed child spoke down towards them as he floated in the air. "First thing first though." The child quickly moved through the air towards the snake he had just impacted with and left the policing force standing relieved to not have been eaten. Cirven arrived at the still downed snake and was welcomed by it playing possum as it quickly lunged its head at him and snapped its mouth closed in an attempt to eat him whole but the child was much better than that and was able to dodge the attempt at being completely devoured then followed up with a large blast of purple lightning that he fired into the air above the forest and into the snake. The snake was wracked with pain as the electrical attack bombarded it and let out a few hissed gasps of pain as its mouth was held open from the pain affecting it. The snake then fell to the ground unconscious and the seven year old shrugged at seeing that the snake had fallen. "I was expecting a bit more than that with how you were so determined on getting here. I wonder.." Cirven floated through the air and into the HQ's main lobby where he found Haia and Yona near a new face. "So did anyone take a snake from the forest at some point..? Snakes like that do not attack unless something threatened them or provoked them after all." He called out to question everyone around him.


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    Re: Where, Oh Where Has the Moon Gone? (Jaxton's Intro Thread)

    Post by Sol on 20th June 2018, 2:40 am

    Inside the main lobby of the WFTC HQ everyone was working very hard, some were greeting guests while others were meeting up and exchanging paperwork or notes. However in a chair in one of the corners of the lobby laid one of the Vice Presidents of the company in the form of Sol Terumi. Just like Cirven Sol had been aged backwards and was now around 8 years old physically. He was laying in the chair and he was currently sleeping as he was very tired from the paperwork he had done along with his hospital work.

    While he slept in the cushy chair the slayer was clearly not going to wake up anytime soon unless someone was foolish enough to wake him up, it was a clear that no one wanted to wake the young dragon up from his nap and risk getting him upset. The dragon was so out of it he was unaware of the conversation of his boss and the two other co workers happening rather close by but it they looked towards him at all he would be easy to spot.


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    Re: Where, Oh Where Has the Moon Gone? (Jaxton's Intro Thread)

    Post by Ruvel on 21st June 2018, 7:02 am

    It had been a while since their return from the Silent Glaciers and the task that they had to do there, since their return it had been deemed unsafe for the now small and fragile youth to rest where he normally did. Even though there was security around the company headquarters and guards done rounds it was still dangerous as there was no way the youth would be able to protect himself if the worst happened. Due to that he had been made to sleep in the room he used when he was sick, he hated being confined but he wasn't one to argue with people especially now so had been doing what he was told. He still stuck to his normal routine from when he was in the facility that raised him, this was something he was accustomed to and so his summons tried their best to keep him to it as they had no idea what would happen if they moved him from it. It had been difficult as their summoner's body seemed not to be able to handle his magic well so been using their own energies to get to and from the realms. The one thing he had been finding most difficult was his food preparation as he wasn't allowed in the kitchen.

    Given the time his summons had the youth had been forced into a nap until recently, by his side an albino girl looking around seven or eight years old with long white hair and blood ruby eyes held his hand as he went to the kitchen only to be handed a cookie and some milk by one of the kitchen staff "Demi, iz gaer'q loai qae aoq yiz. Yor iz sowa zaezayirdh ahza? hita loqabbi oth nau'shindcal" he whispered to her holding what he was given in his hand watching as she nodded going to get the items that he asked for, Ruvel looked to the glass of milk and plate with a few cookies on it wondering what he was going to do with those. "Demi?" he asked seeing her walking back to him, one of her hands going on his shoulder guiding him out after pointing to the snack he was holding "Trase." she said making him nod showing he understood that he could give it to his brother instead of it being wasted. As he got out of the dinning hall the glowing, two foot eight inch tall blonde haired youth seen what was going on and walked over to Cirven holding out the snack with a smile "Cirven, hosenn" he said not knowing what was going on, his eyes looking at everyone else. "Trase, he brought you a snack. Hosenn means snack." she explained looking to Haia whom seemed to have a snake around her. "What's going on?" she enquired, turning her attention to Ruvel as he took the tray and sat down on the floor to eat. "Ral dabbizaer?" he said looking to the new face "Trase, Rui wants to know if he's new." her blood ruby eyes turning to Jaxx for a second before looking to Haia before leaning in "That thing better not have any venom or it will be very dead, very soon and you along with it." she warned coldly in whispered words before pulling back smiling, she knew Ruvel took bad reactions to poisons and venoms so was cautious around things that could possibly have either.

    "Demi, iz gaer'q loai qae aoq yiz. Yor iz sowa zaezayirdh ahza? hita loqabbi oth nau'shindcal":
    Demi, I don't want to eat this. Can I have something else? Like water and fruit.


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