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    Demon Soul


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    Demon Soul Empty Demon Soul

    Post by 88 28th July 2018, 11:06 pm

    Demon Soul Demon-Soul

    Evidence of Accomplishment: Proof
    Magic Types:

    • Takeover [Primary Benefit: +25% to HP and MP.]
    • Ancient [Auxiliary Benefit: +15% to Spell Damage.]

    Description: The story behind this is quite the trip, but all that needs to really be known is Theo died quite some time ago. When he made it properly back alive, it came with a catch. Theo forced a berserker demon known as Kurao into a contract. This contract was made due to defeating the demon and so allows the squishy Theo to take on aspects of the unpredictable, aggressive, and trolly Kurao. Maybe one day, the two will either get along or Theo will figure out how to break the contract altogether.

    The demon is an experienced warrior within the demonic armies due to his skills, rage, and tactics. This magic is good for mobility, the use of buffs allow for stronger defensive and offensive abilities; so allow for damage absorption while taking down opponents by striking them quickly without notice or provocation. However, using it brings about some interesting changes in Theo as he wrestles to keep control.

    Unique Abilities:
    Demon's Advantage: In battle, Kurao knows that allowing Theo to die breaches his contract. To help his host, he has lent a working heart to replace Theo’s tattered and largely missing original one, while also buffing his speed and physical strength ranking passive buff amounts split between the two.

    Demon's Defenses: The demon was raised in the pits of hellfire battle and so has strengthened himself against oncoming spell attacks by 50%.

    Demon's Initiative: Kurao hates to be surprised, so he offers heightened danger senses to Theo. Theo can sense evil intent and deception within rank burst range, and in doing so gains a ranking passive spell strength buff to take the threat down quicker.

    Demon Soul Spellsimg

    Signature Rank Spell:

    D Rank Spell:

    C Rank Spell:

    B Rank Spell:

    A Rank Spell:

    S Rank Spell:

    Ranking Advanced Spell:

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    Demon Soul 65698_s

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    Demon Soul Empty Re: Demon Soul

    Post by Lilium 20th September 2018, 2:21 pm


    Demon Soul QrzkL3R


    Demon Soul QOmg1XE

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    Demon Soul Empty Re: Demon Soul

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 14th July 2019, 2:24 am

    Moved and unlocked at the user's request



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