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    I Hate Adults [Akily's B rank exam]


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    I Hate Adults [Akily's B rank exam] Empty I Hate Adults [Akily's B rank exam]

    Post by Brynn 14th July 2018, 6:11 pm

    Akily had just received the request from her guild master that day. It wasn't too bad of a request, especially since Akily has done harder in her past few months a guild mage. Confidently to herself, Akily said, "Pfft, this is no problem on my end. All I gotta do is kill some people and spread it across the paperwork." Then, all that confidence had turned into a coldness that even scared Akily, at the back of her mind. With a voice filled with rage, she said outloud, "No one should ever ruin the perfection of children. They think that they can abuse them? No one should ever have this research, not even the guild that directed me towards it. I will destroy it once and for all. Nothing so wonderful should ever be abused this way. Not now, not ever. I will destroy this research if its the last thing I do, and I mean it." As she walked towards the area, she began wondering where exactly this medical facility should be. The man that assigned her the job hadn't even given her a specific place that could point her to the direction of the corruption. How could she do a task if she didn't even know where the task started. All she had, was her memories and the words given to her. As she looked around, she saw a sign, that seemed to lead towards some sort of research center.Was the one she was supposed to look for? Akily had no clue. So, Akily just followed down the path, taking one of her basic cards and scraping it along the walls that led to the area. As her walking began to slow, she looked ahead to see the medical facility in its full form. With a small smirk. Akily began to walk forward, wondering what her plan of action should be.

    To her left, was a bench that she could sit on, somewhere she could ponder how to get in sneakily and safely. As she walked over to it, she sat down and began looking towards the Universe Spirit. She had wondered what advice the universe spirit could bring. As she closed her eyes, she listened to the nature swirl around her, letting her hear every single crevice, crack, and thing in the area. Listening to it, she began to let the wind take her across the area, letting her observe it with a heightened mind and sight. Looking around it, she saw something. It seemed to be what looked like a high up on the back area of the building. It seemed to be higher than most other windows, probably to try and stop people from getting up to it. With curiosity surging through her body, she began to walk towards the back of the building, hoping no one would catch her in the area she was in. Luckily, she was still technically a "child" which meant she could play off the act she usually did to trick adults. As she looked around, she began to take out her card of sand, instantly turning every single molecule in her body into sand. She didn't have any cards that could make her fly, or even float. So, Akily improvised and decided she would be able to get up there soon enough by thinning out her body, in return for extra height. As she went through her plan, she got thin enough to barely reach the window. With that, she used her card of sand to lodge it in between the small crack within the window. With that, she began to use the card like a crowbar, and used her full strength to open up the window little by little. After only a few minutes, the window was open enough for her to get into it.

    As she did, she pulled up the lower half of her body, carefully bringing it back into its shape. The second she popped back into her original form, she began to push herself up, onto the little platform the window was home to. She looked down to see that she was pretty high up from the point that she was now. With a grin, she began to slowly stretch herself like earlier, but instead downwards. Inch by inch, her feet hit the ground, and with it her whole upper half. As they fell, her mold began to fall into place, being the same as before. As she looked around, she saw that the area was a protected place, that was highly secure from the outside world. With a smirk on her face, Akily said to herself, "Well isn't this just perfect." As she said that to herself, she heard the door in the front of the room's doorknob slowly turn. She looked towards it to see that there was someone on the other side of it, probably to check up on the research. Akily hid under the desk. The one thing that held the data she needed, and in front of her was something that almost made her barf. Looking over, she saw 3 children hooked up to machines. Akily wanted to rush over and save them then, but she had to deal with that researcher first. She prepared her card of silence and began to turn invisible, forming a face of anger that only she could feel. As the lady closed, and locked the door, Akily found the moment to be perfect. With a quick grasp of her dagger, Akily appeared behind the lady and laughed. With a moment of realization, the lady tried to turn around to see what was happening. Before she could, Akily stabbed her in the back of the neck, letting her bleed out on the ground, trying to reach for the thing that punctured her neck. As Akily ripped it out, the lady had fallen to the punishment of the Universe Spirit. As well as this, she began to break every machine, research paper, and equipment in the room. She didn't ever want something like this to happen again. With that, she unleashed the children and helped them get through the window, letting them go free and go back to their parents. Akily then went back to Basilisk Fang to tell them about her accomplishment.



    I Hate Adults [Akily's B rank exam] 3UHCyoD

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