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    Tasty! Empty Tasty!

    Post by Brynn 10th June 2018, 5:32 pm

    Akily looked around the city of Magnolia to see what new candies they had for her. She usually came here because they had the best candy that she had ever tasted. It was one of the few things Akily thought adults got right. As she walked into the candy store, she saw that they had a special new chocolate bar sprinkled with toffee. Apparently people were raving about it, which meant that Akily had to try it. So, she picked 4 candy bars from their shelves as she stuffed them into her pockets. As she activated her card of surprise, she became invisible as she snuck out of the store with ease. Sadly, she was caught by the sensors at the front of the door, but that didn't stop her from escaping to the ally next to the shop. She saw as cops ran right by her, hoping they were going the right direction. As Akily chuckled, she began to remove the wrapper of the crisp chocolate bar with her teeth. With ease, the wrapper came off in a matter of a few seconds. It didn't take long until the first quarter of the bar was through with. It truly was as amazing as other people have said it to be. As she sat there with the bar, she felt some rumbling on the ground below her. As she tried to see what was happening, she saw the cops from earlier running. She didn't care what they were running from but she decided to do something for the Universe Spirit that she hadn't done in ages. As she tripped the cop that was in the back of the group, she dragged him towards the alleyway.

    She smiled at him as looked with fear in his eyes. Akily guessed it was because he didn't want to die that day but as she looked behind her, she saw what looked like a huge gingerbread man glaring at the both of them. She rolled her eyes as she let the cop go, which meant that she was about to get serious. She looked upwards at the gingerbread man and angrily yelled at him, "How dare you stop me from doing my deed to the Universe Spirit. You are a disgrace to your creator, which is why I will destroy you!" As she took out her card of love, she felt the vines of it go up her arm. She was beginning to feel invigorated as the cookie slowly slammed his fist into the alley. Luckily, Akily was quicker and used her card of love to grapple herself on top of candy store that she just stole from. As she saw the gingerbread man turn his head, she used the card of love to wrap the vines attached to the card around his leg. As she tugged on it, she ripped the leg off with ease as it flung all the way somewhere behind Akily. She jumped down as she landed on the chest of the gingerbread man who could not run anymore. She laughed hysterically as she stabbed right into the candied heart of the gingerbread cookie as he began to slow his hysteria. With that, he said one last thing, "You can't catch me Muffin Man." Akily tilted her head with question on her face as the gingerbread man became smaller in a poof. She looked down at it and saw that it was just a normal gingerbread cookie again. She wondered if she should eat it or not, but it was a sweet. So, she threw it into her mouth as she heard screams coming from it. Huh, guess the gingerbread man wasn't dead...



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