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    I hate pieces of trash like you


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    I hate pieces of trash like you Empty I hate pieces of trash like you

    Post by Brynn 15th May 2018, 2:24 pm

    It was a sort of pleasant day for Akily thanks to the universe spirit. She couldn't be happier. She had money to go buy ice cream, she was able to feed the universe spirit, and it was sunny. After a few moments of happiness, Akily realized that what she should do was feed the universe spirit. The universe spirit wasn't going to be pleased to know that she just sat around all day. With a tiny frown, Akily went to the job boards to see what was on it. It only took her a minute to find a request from a thug to get protection. She rolled her eyes at the request, but she needed money and plus she could just kill the people she was robbing. With a gentle smile, she told herself, "You are going to feel so refreshed after this Uni."

    It was a day later when she finally met up with this infamous "thug." She still couldn't get over the fact that this idiotic man decided to do something so petty just for money. He was worthless to the world and was only just a person who would ruin it, just like all the other adults. With a deep sigh, she finally tuned in to what he was saying. He had apparently wanted her to be a bodyguard while he robbed the stores. He seemed very skeptical about her being a bodyguard due to her age, but Akily brought up the idea that her age was an advantage that could be used as an advantage for them. He smiled at the idea and rubbed her head, saying, "How are you such a mastermind when you are so young?" Angered, Akily grabbed the arm of the man and said to him, "Don't you dare call me little when I have a way bigger purpose then you will ever have!" As soon as she said this, her eyes glossed over but went back to normal right away. She yelled at him as he slumped down, obviously scared by her rage.

    As she unleashes his arm, they walked across the street, from the park they were originally at, and went to the store that opened up right into the little intersection that they were at. Akily stood by his side with her little umbrella in hand. She had gotten the umbrella only recently, due to it being a gift from the universe spirit. It seemed to be a very powerful tool, but yet Akily couldn't understand the ways to actually activate/tap into the magical essence of the tool. So, she decided to lug it around and hoped that the sharp tip at the top could be used for stabbing and slicing. For now, though, she just twirled it around in her arms, trying to look as innocent as possible. As she passed by what looked like a parent, she saw as they talked to the thug. With an astonished voice, the parent said, "Wow, you have such an adorable child! What a cute little thing she is!" Akily then clenched her fist and held onto the umbrella in her hands. She was about to lift it up and slice through the neck of that adult, but she couldn't risk it in public. For now, though, she gritted her teeth and walked past the adult and into the first store.

    Akily looked around the store to see only about 3 civilians. It was one adult and 2 of her children. Akily smiled at the easy pickings of this store and went over to the shopkeeper. It seemed to be a disgustingly wrinkly corrupted sack of flesh. Akily hid those feelings though and just asked the lady pleasantly, "Can you show me where the bathroom is?" With a smile, the lady led her to the bathroom in the back, where she fell into Akily's trap. As Akily was entering the little bathroom, she pulled the old lady into it. She closed the door as she kicked the lady to the ground. She summoned to her hand, the card of silence. It put a mark on the neck of the old lady, which made it the perfect time to kill. As the lady fearfully trembled on the toilet, she sliced the lady's neck leaving blood from the neck to go to the ground. With a smile, Akily whispered to the suffocating lady, "Don't sell the products of the holy universe spirit if you can't pay for it." With that, Akily left the back to see her partner had already stolen the money.

    The 2 went to another store, but the tactic didn't work this time. That meant it had to just be an old-fashioned robbing. As Akily left, she blasted a beam towards the man from her card of silence and went on her way. At the end of the whole ordeal, she smiled and took her share of the robbing. Then again, she decided that she shouldn't let a piece of trash adult like this roam Earthland. So, with one quick jab, she stabbed the top of her umbrella into the heart of the employer. She killed him instantly as he had that sad look on his face when people died. She looked at the dead body that fell into the bush, and said to herself, "When will the adults learn? You can't do wrong in the universe without it punching you back."



    I hate pieces of trash like you 3UHCyoD

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