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    Sucks to be Old


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    Sucks to be Old Empty Sucks to be Old

    Post by Brynn 8th May 2018, 6:21 pm

    Akily had just joined the guild Basilisk Fang, and although she hadn't been quite acquainted with any of them yet she knew they were a force to be reckoned with. She heard stories of their acts over the years and was actually quite impressed. Although it was run by adults, they sure knew how to get things going. They knew as well as anyone that the people running this world now weren't good enough for it. She truly believed in their survival of the fittest quote. That was why she was going to backstab all of them the second they take over. She will finally have what she deserves, the best world ever run. She will create a child utopia, and will finally create a world of absolute peace and survival. First off, she has to climb the ranks in order to finally take over this godforsaken world. The universe spirit will finally be able to take back what was wrongfully taken from it. It had given humans life, and they treated it by misusing the world they gave to it. The only ones to blame are the adults, not the children. The children are too pure for this world, but yet adults corrupt them. Why must they do this to those children? Why do they have to create a chain reaction? Just like an explosion, its one after the other...

    Looking around from the bush she was hiding at, Akily watched as that old lady dealt with her precious little flowers. Akily knew what she was doing, she was pretending to be good just like the rest of them. That lady really wanted to fool Akily into thinking she was good? Well, Akily was not going to be lured into her trap. As the lady let down her trowel, she went inside. Akily looked around as she crept towards the door of the old lady's house. It wasn't until a few seconds of doing this, that she realized that she had eternal youth. Akily knew that she didn't have to sneak around, due to her having the physical appearance of a 9-year-old after all.

    After a few steps towards the door, she knocked on it. She then put her hands behind her back as she waited for the opening of the door. In anticipation, Akily held her breath and watched as the door slowly opened. Out of it came a sweet old lady. She seemed surprised to see Akily for some reason. With a tiny squeak, she said to Akily, "My my dear, what is that you have behind your back? Do you have those sweet old girl ranger cookies for me again? You know I can't handle being away from them. Let me get my money." With a bright smile on her face and a loud chuckle from her mouth, she went to go get this "money" she spoke of.

    After a few moments of confusion, Akily shook her head and went inside to do what she was sent to do. She knew that the lady was close enough for Akily to use the move she said she would use. Before she got out her card, the old lady said to her, "Oh there you are. I see that you couldn't wait to get your money. So here it is." As she waved out the money in front of Akily, she seemed to realize that this girl was not here to sell cookies. With a tiny scream, Akily took out her Card of Silence as her eyes glossed over with a misty grey. It was as though Akily couldn't control herself...

    With that, a mark was embedded onto the throat of the old lady. She began to step back farther and farther, as Akily got closer and closer. With a loud thud, Ms. Cooper fell on a couch behind her leaving her vulnerable. As Ms. Cooper mimicked a scream, Akily charged up a shot of her card and aimed it right at Ms. Cooper. The beam hit her as her violent struggles stopped. Looking down at the woman, Akily saw a face of fear. Instead of being scarred, she basked in it with glory as she saw her goal was being accomplished little by little.


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