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    This sucks, literally


    This sucks, literally Empty This sucks, literally

    Post by Guest 23rd May 2017, 3:43 am

    WORDS COUNT: 1000
    NOTES: rolling results: 1 strong, 1 normal, 2 weak, boss encounter immediately.

    “Is this really the way to do things, Aerwyna??”

    “Well, what’s so bad about being a babysitter?? All I got to do is take care of a baby and hope that the baby doesn’t complain or anything of the sort! Babies look cute anyway...”

    “I urm… well… in fact, you can find out yourself!”

    Croaky voices and smooth voices rolled out in unison when Aerwyna and Kinopio conversed about the job that Aerwyna taken upon with Kinopio’s reading assistance. There was one little problem however, Kinopio wasn’t able to read all of it before Aerwyna decided that it would be a great idea to take on the job without any details whatsoever… oops. Nonetheless, Aerwyna and Kinopio were rather excited about this, she has never babysat before, but she already had a few things planning for the baby. She brought snacks and a few other things that would probably help with the few hours that she was going to be there with him.

    “Ah, this is the door…” Aerwyna said to herself, biting her lower lip as she placed her hand near the door, curled it into a fist and gave out a little knock, but a knock that would be able to be heard by the occupants. “Are you a little nervous Kinopio?? Please, don’t be! We will be able to do something fun!”

    The door opened slowly, revealing a slender woman with silverish blonde hair crawling down her back, some was ever hung over shoulder. She seemed like a rather lovely lady, with her green eyes being the epitome of wisdom and kindness, but a strict exterior if one needed lectures. “Ah, are you the babysitter??” She asked softly, her smile being shown rather softly as she stared at the blue haired mermaid that just happened to take human form.

    “Yeah! Pleased to meet you, miss! My name is Aerwyna Salvatore, I will be your babysitter today, along with my little companion Kinopio!” The female stated as she picked up the mushroom-human hybrid.

    “Oh my! Well, come in and make yourself comfortable, my bundle of joy is in the living room, just playing with toys. I do hope you get him to sleep by the time we return.”

    “I can do that! No worries!” the mermaid princess happily entered the doorway as her husband squeezed past her and waved to the new babysitter. The two seemed like such a happy couple, she hoped that her and Gala could be like that some day. The kids were probably something Aerwyna didn’t want till much later in their love life however.

    As quick as Aerwyna entered, the both of them left, if Aerwyna was going to be honest, it kind of made her quite nervous, she has never taken care of children which resembled humans before. She has only took care of kids that resembled mermaids, and it was so easy to entertain them, you could sing for them and dance with them. She didn’t know an ounce of what to do with this little baby however, he seemed so innocent as he played with his toys. That was, until he smelt something fishy and turned to Aerwyna, licking his lips while crawling over to the mermaid princess, using his toothless mouth to suck on her leg?? That was extremely weird.

    “Urm… please, get off my leg!” The mermaid princess squeaked, shaking her leg like she was someone who was in a state of panic, but it was no use. The baby continued to suck on her leg… maybe the cutie was hungry?? She could most certainly find out.

    “Do you want some food??” Aerwyna asked as Kinopio walked in, sorting himself out and even giving out a little croaky cough, only for the baby to switch targets and start sucking on the toadstools head, he was that small.

    “AAAHHHH HELP!” Kinopio shouted as the mushroom human started to flail his arms all over the place, he didn’t even know what to do now that the source of what he cannot live without was being sucked upon by a baby that could quite possibly be quite monstrous. “GETOFFMEPLEASEOHMYGODHELPMEHELPME”

    “Get off him right now, young man!” Aerwyna shouted, trying to scold him as she picked up the baby… however… the moment Aerwyna done so, Kinopio was picked up too! The couple haven’t been out for that long and already the baby is causing quite the hassle. Even when Aerwyna tried to forcefully separate the toadstool and the wee bairn apart, it was no use. It was indeed a difficult task for the young woman.

    It was time to get to work!

    “Sorry Kinopio! You will have to deal with it until the baby is asleep!”

    This was the very thing that Kinopio didn’t want, yet he reluctantly had no choice but to agree, hoping Aerwyna will find a way to get him off from the baby as he still waved his arms around frantically, he was sick of being used as a baby toy by the baby himself!

    It has been a few hours, and many things have happened, including the baby having a bath and almost drowning the toadstool, the only reason why Aerwyna managed to stop that was because Aerwyna had to give him the ability to breathe underwater. She didn’t want Kinopio to drown after all.

    The three also played with the babies toys, only for the baby to abuse the toadstool, hitting him with the rattler.

    Poor Kinopio, all he wanted himself was some sleep, luckily, the baby soon fell asleep in one of Aerwyna’s arms while his toothless mouth was still biting into Kinopio’s mushroom head. His grasp was released and Kinopio could feel how moist that part of his toadstool shaped head was. It was horrible, what’s worse was that Kinopio passed out from all the torture…

    Luckily, the woman apologised when she came into the house upon seeing Kinopio and offered Aerwyna a drink or a bite to eat before Aerwyna left the house.

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