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    A double date? This won't be too hard... [Job\Rin}


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    A double date? This won't be too hard... [Job\Rin} Empty A double date? This won't be too hard... [JobRin}

    Post by jtmoney09 12th April 2018, 1:52 pm

    The blue haired man was sitting inside of his residency, he gave a yawn and set up his breakfast. He gave his exceed some food before he got ready to leave."So what'll you be doing today Liam? Can I come with you it's been way too long I promise I won't embarrass you." The black exceed told him winking near the end of his sentence. Now of course Mona was going to do anything to embarrass Liam but he didn't mind. But it was true they hadn't went on a job together for quite a long time. He shot a smile at the exceed."Sure you can come just please clean yourself up you smell like you came out of the garbage." He told Mona."That's because I was in the Garbage!" Mona laughed loudly."Wow ok, well it doesn't matter go get ready." He hesitantly said.

    A couple hours later Liam and Mona finally had finished getting ready. They already known where the ship Crystalli was landing, it was just outside of the capital Crocus. Liam and Mona rushed to Crocus, and the ship was already landed a few blocks away from the entrance to the capital. They entered and speed walked into the guild-hall. This was Mona's first time seeing Crystalli and the guildhall. "Woah this place is amazing I bet they have lots of wonderful food here!" He exclaimed as he smelled various foods coming from nearby stands. "We can eat later but lets find a job to go on so we can actually pay for the food. He explained.

    A few minutes passed by and they reached the guildhall. He walked in and told Mona to just sit down near the entrance while he looked for a job, He walked to the job board and gave a good look at it and saw a pretty interesting job hanged up on the board. It was a job about helping two teens not feel too shy about their relationship. He gave a chuckle but he did want to go on the job since it seemed pretty interesting. Only problem was that it needed two people. "Oh so it's a double date... It won't be too hard i'll just find some random anyone." He told himself. He ran over to his exceed and showed it to him."ooooouu maybe you'll get a girlfriend from this job hehehe." Mona teased Liam."Oh shut up.. It's just a job." He hissed. "Anyways i'll go and find someone just stay here ok?" He told Mona.He walked around the guildhall and couldn't find anyone."Maybe we just came here too early lets wait for awhile.." He said as walked back to Mona sitting by him."We're just gonna wait for people to come in to see if anyone is interested.



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