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    We promise they wont explode

    Knight of Zero
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    We promise they wont explode Empty We promise they wont explode

    Post by Knight of Zero on 14th October 2016, 2:58 am

    "You're sure you want one of these things", Blake asked as he and Zero walked down the street. "Why woulndt I, beats pigeons or banana messages; man those were a really bad idea", Zero said as he shuddered at the memory of having to clean up the failed experiment. The two amigos were walking down a busy street in the Neutral Grounds. Despite it being anti-magic territory the two(or more specifically Zero) were on a mission to gain a object of ultimate distraction. "Well there are those cases of them exploding at random, you even saw one explode", Blake explained. "I'm sure was other reasons for that happening, also remember those feel people who tried charging it back up by sticking it in a furnace. Besides imagine how awesome it would be, so many functions on a tiny lachrymal not to mention this lacrima net thing, who needs books when got that tiny thing.", Zero responded to him. "Fine whatever, lets just get this done and done; not being able to fly or grow to my actual size is unsettling", Blake griped as he sped up. " No need to worry, well be in and out like ninjas. Nin Nin!", Zero said as he hurried after Blake.

    "I told you they exploded", Blake said with a smug smile on his face.They had entered the iLac store a while later.

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