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    Youth ❇ Private, Job


    Youth ❇ Private, Job Empty Youth ❇ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 19th February 2018, 5:23 pm

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    Youth ❇ Private, Job Empty Re: Youth ❇ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 19th February 2018, 5:26 pm

    The stirring of the orchid-colored liquid was almost soothing enough to put someone to sleep... And in fact, it actually kind of was.
    Holding her head against the palm of her hand Mei's violet orbs would slide closed, and her head would soon follow until she lost the grip of the spoon within her other hand, to which she would then jolt awake before settling back in the same position as she had been before. Rinse, wash, repeat, and you would get the only thing that has been going on for the past hour.
    Potion making wasn't hard. At least for someone who was around an actual witch doctor for most of her life. While she wasn't his apprentice it was the chief's job to know a little bit about the mystical arts of witchery. You know, the whole curses and spirits and whatnot. While the others in the tribe were connected to said ancient spirits and knowledge only the witch doctor was allowed to dabble and act upon them. Something about how he was 'chosen' by the gods as a messenger. Mei wasn't too sure, he just came off as kind of crazy. He would always blabber about all these things she didn't quite understand, to which her father always said she would get used to. Apparently she wasn't supposed to understand it, and she was fine with that. The chief's job was to look after and lead the tribe in the name of Terra, and the witch doctor's was to bring Terra's word. In the end, they weren't that much different.
    He taught her a few potion techniques when she was younger. Nothing too advanced, just a few things to keep a curious kid satisfied with. So when the brunette had seen a small job on the town board for a new potion, she figured it would be easy enough to whip up a home-made in no time.

    The door creaked open, which caused Mei to suddenly sit up more properly on the stool instead of hunched over. She almost let the spoon fall into the purple shining substance in the process, but managed to catch it before it got too far away from her.
    Bao, who had been laying next to her asleep, raised an alert ear, though kept his eyes closed.

    "How's it going, hon? Do you need anything?" The shriveled old lady made her way past the door and into the room, using her cane to drag her along until she was next to the bubbling culdren.
    Mei stirred slightly more before lifting the ladle to her face, judging by the color to see if it was done. She could not recall if it should be a little darker or not, but hopped it would work just the same.
    The mage shook her head.

    "No, i think it might be done."
    To test it, she would pour the substance out across the panda's back. Bao didn't move, however, as his colors began to shift and change from black and white to purple and red. Then to yellow and blue. Over each passing second his colors would change into something different.
    The old lady peered over at the changing bear, blinking wide eyes.

    "Oh my, a color changing potion. I haven't seen one of those in a while" she chuckled.

    "I'm afraid it's not a unique potion, but it tends to be popular with the kids. I apologize if this isn't the kind of thing you wanted."

    The old woman shook her head. "Nonsense, child. I appreciate the simplicity. The last mage i hired the make a potion made one that would set people on fire if they inhaled it... I can still feel my insides burning..." the old witch held onto her stomach for a moment, as if reliving some kind of war. Mei looked concerned at her until she eventually smiled again, to which the earth mage did too.
    A wrinkled old hand reached over to Mei's, and placed some jewels into her hand.
    "I'm afraid it's not much, as business hasn't been the best lately. But i do appreciate your help."
    Mei nodded softly, and grasped into the jewels.

    "Thank you."

    No others words would be spoken by the two before or after she left the shop that afternoon. But over the next course of days Mei would make note of all the oddly-colored children splashing each other with a strange purple-like substance, a feel a slight hint of accomplishment.

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