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    Repair the fountain of youth!

    Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

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    Repair the fountain of youth! Empty Repair the fountain of youth!

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on 15th April 2019, 11:37 am

    Job Title: Repair the fountain of youth!
    Rank: 100Y
    Job Location: Seven
    Solo Word Count: 12,500
    Group Word Count: 25,000
    Additional Requirements:
    Job Description: The fountain of youth, a well spring for eternal life, a legendary spring that gives the elixir men have spent their lives trying to acquire. However over the last century it seemed to dry up, however when very little water was flowing it was clear something was wrong. On closer inspection the fountain was just clogged up! An obsidian bolder seems to be stopping the flow of water.

    Many have tried to remove it, but the water seems to renew the obsidian every time a dent is made. The guardian has welcomed everyone to come and try, offering a reward to a wizard capable of removing the rock from the well. Many have tried, and countless wizards of various countries have failed.

    Guardian of the fountain:
    Repair the fountain of youth! Cff9f21a6c47ecb87ace621b7af88fdc

    The fountain water: Be careful, once the bolder is removed the water will come out like a geyser! Too much exposure could knock off more then a few years.

    The obsidian boulder: It's big, it's wedged in there, it's not going down or coming up without a fight. No one knows  how it got there but it doesn't care, it doesn't care about anything especially you puny wizards! It is a boulder of obsidian! It dares you to try but you will fail! (unless you actually break it).

    Reward:  The gratitude of the Guardian, and as well as  fame within Seven

    155K jewels, plus for gratitude, each participant receives a bottle from the fountain. It isn't eternal quite youth, but whoever drinks it can be as young as they want however long they want, only needing a second sip to undo. As long as they don't chug the whole bottle, the water seems to regenerate itself.

    -- Credit to Luceam.


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