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    Heat the oven to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit


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    Heat the oven to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit Empty Heat the oven to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit

    Post by Ambrosia on Mon 12 Feb 2018 - 0:12


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    Vradia Exousia had been a spell that she took great favor in, the basis of what she considered enjoyment ran parallel with the evening as city streets were known for being a chaotic mass of lights and events, it eluded her how boredom could come to people whilst as long as the sun stayed settled hidden away. Yet that spell, that vault of melting toxic substance, a fowl mess within her no that would not work where she was. A simple job of sorts, yet of course her targets would reside within a wretched area where no magic could work. Under normal circumstances she knew many ways to approach the situation at hand, yet with the lack of toxic sludge running through her veins even the effects of shadow dissipated in an instant. Interesting indeed the mission offered would be her first since the brain within her had settled on the path of finding amusement through others. This particular one had been offered for no other reason than its simplicity and availability due to her current location, yet it held a certain charm. Smooth words would have worked, a more tank like approach of just doing the deed yet the oikogeneia of victims in this seemed far too simplistic in their ways of living for her to merely leave as so. So pristine and perfect, pigtails in her hair with little bows decorating each bunch of fabric. Human doll almost, the chance of it being rare, rendering her unable to deny the opportunity presented to her on a silver platter dressed in frills and lace.

    Whilst most adult male humans would not deny her in her human form of course there was something for the spawn too. Despising it, the act of so casually producing her true form in a place where the scum dwelled, not that it would matter as before long they would all have passed away. It was useful indeed, for a young child no older than 10 years could have denied the exceed form so patiently perched on the edge of the rock, paw cut open although intentional quite the effect was displayed when casually splattered across her side. In need a creature so pure and cute, with fluffy tails and small teeth it hardly seemed to be violent. What child wouldn’t have taken it home? What child would leave such a sweet creature outside during winter months, where blood would freeze and infection would seep in. No no of course it had worked, the moment that the brat had left its home Ji-Hye had known where it would leave her. Moon above her the fire in front of her, of course the young human with reckless thoughts had brought the injured animal into its home. Yet whilst they all rested both mind and body in a sleep the infidels would rise out of the shadows and leech from them. A brief moment of peace as leftovers from the evening meal were cleared out. The crumbs left lying on the beach her mind cleared only when the fridge and pantry had been emptied of all things worth her time. It seemed like despite how they dressed their child doll up from the food they ate, of for sure they were basic. Oh right she had a mission to do, well for sure she had gotten some food from coming here yet it was all still quite boring.

    Of course they wouldn't realized, buried in pillows their heads resting softly without a worry even as scents to encourage sleep were released below their noses in preemptive actions to secured wrists and ankles. Too relaxed, thinking they were safe and tucked away, oh no she could have easily just slaughtered them all, yet as she caught the distorted reflection of her night form, as if moonlight had been birthed from her skin, as if poking through in clustered rainbow cosmic gatherings had merged together a night sky playing across her skin in dulled light. Traced as she walked fingers grazed across furniture, ragged, smeared in dust past the point of well worn this had started to get a little boring. Snatched up a lighter in one hand swirled around as it danced across her fingers, neon blue lips pulling into a smile that would have curled their stomachs, if they could have seen. Six eyeballs rolled to the floor as she discarded the bloodied objects to swing the door open, for peasants they had such pretty eyes.

    Presumably kept for something farm related the grain spilled easily, what was the adorable little movie, the Oz or something, wizards and all quite the odd piece of entertainment. Well it had spoken of a yellow road, hers was more orange, as the flames flickered up spreading across a wonderful little oven with seasonings and fun. Yes yes although it hadn't been fun this had been amusing, would the little things die of smoke inhalation perhaps, smoked then charred flesh? They wouldn't be able to see what was happening yet the crackling scent and blistering heat would soon remind them of the wood from which they build their home. Preferably a slow roast, yes that would do quite well. A wall nearby a comfortable distance from the shimmering lights which blew away the darkness of the night, what started from a single pool of grain had spread across barn,s fields sheds and now the farmhouse, their home simmering slowly in flames which gnawed at the sides of the building. Smoothly painted nails cracked in a rhythm against the stones beneath on which she was perched.

    Time passed slowly, then it sped up as a soft clink of metal indicated the puzzles in her hands being slowly solves, light from her recent actions sending shards of light playing across the uniform like clothes she wore. No villages would come to help these livestock. so it had slowly grown forward, the flames devouring each structure in the area before dying away slowly as the moon strode a quarter way down the sky. Whilst her night form was still active surly it was time to carve up dinner, or was it more breakfast? Ever present smile played a scene of gruesome adoration, pulling back muscles as the young lady leapt off the wall, swapping puzzle for a neat little blade her soft voice hummed in tune with her step. The orders had been to destroy the crops, so there was no way to save that, yet there were three little lumps of meat perfectly waiting, it wouldn't be good to waste, right?
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    Heat the oven to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit Ambrosiasig
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