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    Sand, Bandits, and HEAT

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    Sand, Bandits, and HEAT Empty Sand, Bandits, and HEAT

    Post by Shipping Goddess 29th August 2016, 7:19 am

    Lilian flew to the nation of Desierto. The nation was said to be extremely hot, but she didn't know that it'd be THIS hot. She flew over there, originally intending to go mine some precious minerals, should the nation allow her, but the dire heat was getting in the way of that too much.

    "M-Marshmallow... Go land, okay....?" Marshmallow landed, and Lily turned to the wyvern beside her. "We can walk the rest... Of the... Way... I'll just..."

    With that Lilian collapsed.

    She awoke a few hours later inside a tent of some sort. She looked around, and saw a bowl of water. She dipped her finger in it and saw that the bowl was the only freezing thing she'd seen so far.

    "You are not from Desierto, right?" A man with a heavy accent walked in. "You don't wear metal armor in Desierto. You wear ceramic armor, covered in cloth. It would be even better if the cloth was white, and the ceramic was glaised."

    The man pointed to her armor.

    "Do not worry, Ma'am. We just took off your armor, nothing else. Your dragon is outside."

    Lilian didn't feel like correcting the man that saved her life, so she stepped outside. She was shocked when she saw the way that the town looked. Only a very few tents remained, and there were gravestones everywhere. Every house seemed to be burnt to the ground.

    "Who did this?" Lilian said with a very dark tone.

    "The Red Sand Bandits ravaged our home. They reside eastward, however what is left of our army can not withstand it. You are not from a guild? We sent a message to every guild, asking to help. A man already took the job, but I don't know what guild he was from..."

    The wyvern rider was gone within a second of him finishing. It was despicable how someone could do this for no reason. These Red Sand Bandits, who kill to gain more power. Lilian would stop them - she didn't care if she had to do it solo! There was another member out there trying to stop this, but she couldn't see anything. Not with this sand. She just kept going east, hoping to see some of those Red Sand Bandits.


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