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    House Repair! // Quinn and Unknown

    Noel Astra
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    House Repair! // Quinn and Unknown  Empty House Repair! // Quinn and Unknown

    Post by Noel Astra 27th January 2018, 3:12 pm

    House Repair! // Quinn and Unknown  Rainsun
    Getting up in the early morning wasn’t much of an issue for the blue-haired boy. He didn’t particularly enjoy it all too much, but having been his father’s “personal assistant” as a part-time job did cause him to be up very early almost every day. This is why he was one of few to pass through the streets of Magnolia with a bright smile, considering the few that were outside were busy repairing any damage that was recently done. Frankly, the weather had been awful recently. A storm had apparently caused for quite a bit of damage, and yet another was slowly but surely making its way over Magnolia Town. For now merely a slight wind and light rain pestered the town, almost as if the weather itself was deliberately trying to annoy the poor residents.

    An oversized yellow raincoat kept the young wizard safe from the rain as he made his way to the address he had accepted a job from. Apparently the owner of the house was incapable of repairing the damage himself, so Quinn decided to go and take a look. He really only expected a little bit of broken exterior, perhaps a leaking roof or a broken window, perhaps even both! Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

    Arriving at the house, Quinn took off his hood and looked up to see a total and absolute mess. His enhanced vision made him see every little issue, and oh boy were there many of them. The roof and gutters were in a poor shape, the front porch wooden railing  had been assaulted by a tree that was still casually lying there, and the floorboards were ruined. The wind had also carried a numerous amount of leaves and small branches, currently scattered all over the ground to fill in the large area. A few seconds passed as he stared at the house in awe, but seeing an older man, of whom he assumed to be the one having asked for help,  stand behind the window caused the boy to quickly make his way to the door.

    Quinn had made a quick chat with the residents within the house, specifically the married elderly couple that were rather pessimistic about the wizard’s capabilities. They did give him credit for coming earlier than the given time, as he had apparently arrived 30 minutes too early. The couple was expecting more people to come, so Quinn simply assumed he would see a numerous amount of people arrive in a bit. He wasn’t planning on waiting though, instead immediately getting to work now that the rain was still not that bad.

    So now, Quinn was sitting on the edge of the roof, quite aggressively tearing off broken shingles to replace them. He had various tools beside him, one of which he used to pry off the damaged parts with all the force he had. Quinn wasn’t very strong, so he would occasionally almost fall off while trying to take care of one. He hadn’t made much progress, mainly because he was constantly on the lookout for people that also responded to the job, shouting “Hi!” or “Hello!” to every passerby he caught a glimpse of.

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