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    House Repair!

    Nohres Xaclamir
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    House Repair! Empty House Repair!

    Post by Nohres Xaclamir 23rd January 2019, 4:32 am

    "Need a hand there, old man?" His voice carried down the road to an elderly man who was struggling to haul large sections of wood off of a cart. Perhaps as penance for some unremembered deed, or just in a moment of pure charity, Ehoron set his travel pack down beside an old tree stump and began unloading the wood.  As he worked, he listened while Mr. Weatherstein regaled him with the tale of a storm that had blown in recently and damaged his house. Afraid that the next one would destroy the house if the previous damage wasn't repaired, he had set out to acquire materials. However, his old age had caught up with him and he was struggling to complete the repairs.

    "Well, don't worry about getting these repairs done by yourself." With a grin and before the old man could protest, Ehoron grabbed a hammer and saw before quickly making his way up to the roof. Before too long he had quickly begun removing the damaged shingles, disposing of them over the side of the roof into a neat pile. After he gauged the extent of the damage for himself, the young mage dropped down to the ground and began to inspect the porch. The railing had been damaged by a fallen limb but didn't to have suffered extensive damage.

    Casting a brief eye to the sky, Ehoron turned to Mr. Weatherstein and gave a small grin. "Well since the damage isn't too bad, it shouldn't take me long to fix everything up for you. I can get the roof deck replaced and treated today. Once it's sat overnight, I'll get the new shingles put up tomorrow. After that, it won't be too difficult to get these gutters reattached for you. Should have everything in place for you before the next storm rolls through." While the Weathersteins showered him in gratitude, Ehoron simply took enjoyment out of the simple nature of the work.

    When they attempted to arrange for him to sleep in the guest room, Ehoron politely declined and instead insisted on sleeping in a barn they owned. Baffled, but unable to convince him to take the bed, the elderly couple agreed to give him a blanket and let him sleep outside. While they probably just thought him modest, Ehoron couldn't shake the uneasy feeling he had when he stayed around people for too long. Bad things tended to happen to them, and he didn't want this good deed marred by some unfortunate stroke of bad luck.

    By the morning, Ehoron had already risen and began working on the shingles and cutting out new slats for the porch railing. After a quick inspection of the roof decking and treatment, he began placing the shingles in place. It was physically demanding work, but Ehoron kept smiling the whole time. It felt good to be some good to improve other's lives. Once the last one was set in place, he began refastening the gutters; a comparatively simple process as they were not particularly beaten by the storm.

    As the sun set, the last bit of clean-up was completed and Ehoron allowed himself a small measure of respite and had dinner with the Weathersteins. Careful to avoid any questions about his past, he ate his fill and excused himself to get back on the road. Still baffled by his refusal to take a night in their guest room for some well-earned sleep, they bade him farewell with gratitude. By the time Mr. Weatherstein checked the barn the morning after Ehoron's departure, the blackened hay had long-since been swept away, hiding the only evidence of the mage's presence.

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