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    Demons! Apollo/Marianna job


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    Demons!  Apollo/Marianna job Empty Demons! Apollo/Marianna job

    Post by Nadarr 13th January 2018, 9:48 am

    Job Info:

    Apollo Stood there In his guild hall,  He was looking at a chess board by himself having a drink.  He wasn't necessarily playing,   but memorizing the board state to the best of his abilities.   As he sat there he saw a portal open behind him,  he curiously turns around figuring it was one of his guild mates.  But then suddenly something reached out and grabbed him quickly yanking him in,  the trip was almost instant as he landed between two armies on a battlefield with three other girls standing there.  He looked up and around rather bitter.  He didn't like being forced to go and do anything, who did whoever sent him here think they were.  He looked over at two girls.  "Hello We are Masaki and Misaki" one one say looking at him and the girl.  "we brought you both here to settle something"  He would only glare at the duo sighing.  "Yeah no i'll pass thank you"  he said not wanting to get involved in any of this nonsense. "Just send me back already" He would say before Masaki spoke.  " sorry we can't do that you have to help us first"   She said glaring at him.  He sighed looking away giving a annoyed sigh.  "Man, what a pain." he would say not even acknowledging the other girl.  "Misaki then spoke "You two are the champions, you two will help one side beat the other."  Apollo then perked up "Go on"  He said the control now going back to him, and this trip becoming far more interesting as the two demon girls looked at them both.  As they explained there sides Apollo listened with the girl and they finally finished talking,  Apollo could have summed it up faster but he was in no more positions to complain.  "You two decide now"  Misake said stepping back so no bias was held as Apollo turned to the two girls looking at them.  "Well looks like we got to work together try not to slow me do kay"  he would say smiling a bit at her .  "so which sounded more intriguing?" he'd ask fine with either since he'd make it fun regardless.

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