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    Marianna Akeldama

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    Post by Marianna Akeldama on 21st April 2017, 2:15 pm

    Marianna Akeldama

    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown, (appears to be around 20)
    Birthday: 2/29 (Born during Leap Year)
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Special Characteristics: Extremely pale skin and golden eyes that can shine in the darkness

    Born a special kind of vampire thousands of years ago, it is probably no surprise that Marianna is not exactly the most sane living being in Earthland. While not evil by nature, she is a beast in disguise that only works for her own good, using everything and everyone to gain the upper hand. With desire to plunge the world into eternal state of darkness simply for the sake of herself and her species, it’s easy to say that she is not the most pleasant of beings to be around or work with. Arrogance and pride are not uncommon for her, as she also holds memories of the past dear, ones where she was a ruler of a grand region. And even now when the old world has been forgotten and Marianna’s name erased from the annals of this world, she still sees herself as a fitting ruler for the land and acts accordingly to this. She lets none command her and always performs actions only in accordance to her own plans. This often makes her not exactly the ideal team player, as she is also perfectly willing to sacrifice or abandon others when it benefits her in any way. Using others as meat shields or as simple sources of blood are common practices for her both on the battlefield and outside of it.

    To an extend, it could also be said that she sees regular humans as lesser beings. However, she does have more respect towards creatures of higher standing, especially those that could be called gods or demons. After all, those are way more familiar to her than anything else. This does not mean she would refuse to cooperate with mere mortal humans, but she will do so with a somewhat bitter taste in her mouth. That said, she often finds mortal females quite amusing and loves toying with them in any way possible, though more often than not, through the side of hers that is overflowing with lust. In battle, she can be often quite merciless, not exactly giving her enemies second chance unless she feels like it for whatever reason. As far as she’s concerned, those who decide to face her should be prepared to receive the punishment of death without whining and begging to be spared. While this might come from her own immortality and inability to die no matter how hard she tries and wishes to, it is still something quite inexcusable.

    Mostly cold towards those that she just met or those that do not appear very sympathetic in her eyes, but quite warm and sometimes annoyingly clingy with those that she does like, however. If there is one thing she learned as a ruler of an ancient Eldritch society, it is that loyal subjects are to be treasured after all. And thus, she is ready to defend those that make it onto her list of “okay people”, even if it would tear her body and soul apart. In the end, she cannot die after all. It might not be the best tactic of them all, but one she is willing to use. Throwing her body at the enemy time after time until she eventually succeeds. A trait of determination that can be quite fatal if presented in being such as Marianna, the Eldritch Vampire.


    • BloodA natural thing for a vampire. While she is a special kind that does not require this to actually survives, blood is like a fine wine for her. A treat that is not to be denied. Not to mention that it fuels most of her powers, as well as her desires. In some cases, drinking blood can be almost like forming a pact as well, especially when done with someone special for vampire.
    • ObedienceAnyone who is willing to follow orders and let Marianna take the control will be treated well. At least until they start to rebel, then it all goes south. Not to mention that she is the type who loves to bully others, tease them and sometimes even try to humiliate them. This goes for both sides, making allies and enemies tremble together at times.
    • DarknessAnother thing that is quite natural for her species, as the light of a day can be even lethal for some vampires. Marianna can easily survive it and even operate during day, but her powers are greatly reduced in this time, as well as her senses. This of course fuels the desire for night even more, as it is the only time when she can feel properly “alive” and at her very best.


    • FireIt is said that flames are one of the greatest enemies for vampires. Not quite the case for Marianna, as the Eldritch vampire is not as weak against them as others. But that does not mean it can make her feel uncomfortable. With that, all heat produced by flames can make the girl quite nervous and sometimes even cause mild panic or paranoia. Though this is generally overcome when her mind is set on fighting.
    • PleadingIf there is one thing that gets on her nerves, it is enemies or even the idea of herself begging her opponent to spare her life. Not that she has any need to do so, given her immortality. However, if someone else tries to do this with her, they might lose their head before then can even finish the sentence. Or they might just secure a fate of torture that is worse than death for themselves, all depending on the girl’s mood.
    • BetrayalIn the mind of Marianna, such act should always be punished by death. But if someone manages to survive betraying the vampire, or if she meets someone with reputation of performing such act, she will refuse to trust them under any circumstances and might even treat them as the enemy on the battlefield, sneaking in accidentals attacks that could accidentally kill said someone.


    • Everlasting NightA powerful ancient magic that is capable of covering the Earthland in night that never allows morning to come again. Thankfully for others and painfully for Marianna, the magic has been lost to time now. But that does not stop the vampire from making it her life-long mission to recover it and perform it, allowing herself and other night creatures to roam the land for as long as they please. A pretty reasonable goal, especially if your life is longer than one can count.
    • LustWhen Marianna was a ruler of her own land eons past, she used her power as much as she could. Creating a whole harem of beautiful women was one of many results that this power brought. And now that it’s all gone, the vampire somewhat wishes to reclaim it all. What this means is that all pretty ladies in her range will probably be harassed one way or another.
    • PowerPower. And not the usual kind. While she does want to regain her lost magical energy, she also wants to get back her status as a grand ruler. How this can be achieved, she is not exactly true. But she will most likely figure it out at some point during her journey. After all, it’s not like she’s short on time.


    • DeathThe question of death is always a tough one. But especially one when an immortal vampire is involved. Marianna cannot be killed by any means. She is incapable of truly dying even if she would want to. Maybe it is exactly because of that her fear of death might be even stronger than one which could be find inside of regular mortals.
    • FailureBeing unable to complete her goals and forced to wander the land forever as a giant failure that could not do anything to fulfill her own agenda. Who would not be afraid of something like this? Thankfully that giant ego inside of her makes this fear not exactly one that comes out often, but it is still present and will remain forever.
    • Loss of powerIt happened once already after all. Who’s to say it would not happen again? Losing all of her magical potential and powers as an Eldritch vampire is something that the girl is afraid of greatly. Of course it’s very unlikely that someone would be capable of actually removing her origin completely, but one can never truly know just what powers lie buried beneath the soil of knowledge.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5,6ft
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Hair: Platinum
    Eyes: Gold
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Appearance: A demoness of unparalleled beauty. Almost as if designed in such a way, Marianna’s figure is a dream of many, slender yet athletic without appearing overly masculine. From back, her hourglass figure is tenderly hidden with the long platinum hair that easily reaches her lower back and even further below that point, while the front is adorned by a pair of wandering golden orbs, ones that can seemingly peer into one’s soul with ease. A plentiful bosom to go along with other curves of her body is usually covered by cloth of black color, armor-like outfit of the girl’s choice does not quite fit the usual wear of Earthland. Even in social situations, she is likely to wear something of such style, the magical fabric being fit for combat, yet exposing enough to tease those who yearn for contact with her pale, almost snow-white skin.



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    Tattoo: Across entire back, purple color[/color]
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