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    LEFT TO THIRST OUT IN THE HEAT ♠ c-rank exam for haley


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    LEFT TO THIRST OUT IN THE HEAT ♠ c-rank exam for haley Empty LEFT TO THIRST OUT IN THE HEAT ♠ c-rank exam for haley

    Post by Itazura 13th November 2017, 10:52 am

    LEFT TO THIRST OUT IN THE HEAT ♠ c-rank exam for haley GGfYIph
    Itazura Black Rose B-Rank Aruzati
    S o   I v e   l i e d   a n d   I v e   b e e n   t r i c k i n g   e v e r   s i n c e

    The kamaitachi was lazy, he had to go and track down some guy as it was some of his Ace duties. Though he actually did track down said guy, he just didn't feel like going after him. Another of one of his ace-ly duties that he was supposed to complete, was give one of the mages of Black Rose a job to do so they could move one to their next rank, which for them was C. But he didn't feel like doing any of this, so he'd been putting it off all day. Until he figured out a solution, why not give his job to the guild member for them to do instead of himself? It was truly brilliant, at least that's was Itazura thought. So without taking another second, he'd jumped up from where he was seated, to give the shapeshifter her task. Not really considering the fact that this might not be the best idea, it was given to him to do for a reason, that maybe someone her rank couldn't handle it as well as someone his rank. But oh well, the girl would just have to handle it somehow, he didn't really care since he didn't have to do it.
    So the boy proceeded to look for the girl, which he later remembered to have the name Haley, how he randomly remembered it at this convenient time I'm not sure. Upon finally finding her, after wandering around the whole building of Silver Moon Inn while not really looking that hard, he'd poke her to get her attention. "Hello Haley-Chan, got your job" Aruzati, as he likes to call himself, said to her, a mischievous grin on his expression, which is the weasel's default expression. He pulled out some crumpled papers that resided in his jean's back pocket. Looking at them as he straighten the out for the most part, he handed them to the part pooka. It was a few papers stapled together, at the top was a picture of an extremely pale man probably in his late thirties, a naturally handsome expression ruined by multiple deep scars and a permanent scowl. The papers underneath were different things about him, his crimes, his psych profile, other things of the like. At the top of the page it said is name 'Yzal Assir'. "Have fun~" the kamaitachi said with a giggle before turning and skipping away, happy that he didn't have that to deal with anymore.

    ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

    Yzal Assir has been tracked to Desierto, you have to travel through the untamed deserts to find this man. Your word count has to be at least 1,500 words, and you have to go and kidnap the boss after hitting him the set number of times. After you complete the requirements you can go ahead and bump your exam thread. The things below are the things you can randomly spawn (no rolling needed) on your journey through the desert. Have fun~

    Weak: Desert Viper x2
    You'll occasionally come across some poisonous snakes, their fangs to D-Rank damage and take only one D-rank hit to get rid of.

    Normal: Bandits x4
    A small group of bandits will try and ambush you, they wield daggers and swords that deal D-rank damage. They will circle you and try and attack you when you aren't facing them, they take four D-Rank hits to take out.

    Strong: Henchmen x2
    When these guys start popping up you can tell you're getting close, they are tall and muscular and wield different kinds of make magic (any element of your choosing). They deal C-rank damage and take four C-Rank hits to get rid of.

    Boss: Yzal Assir
    He is just how he looks in his picture, he's tall and dual wields two swords that do B-Rank damage, so be careful of them. He is fast and incredibly hard to hit, and along with that he wields make magic of all kinds of elements that deals C-Rank damage. But actually doesn't have as much health as it seems, taking only five D-Rank hits to make him give up. So he is actually a big wimp since he usually makes everybody else to everything for him. After he says he gives up he might cry for help and his henchmen will come running. So it'd be better to knock him out, plus on the way home his constant jabbering and probably some or a lot crying might be annoying.


    LEFT TO THIRST OUT IN THE HEAT ♠ c-rank exam for haley DsdPc3p



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    LEFT TO THIRST OUT IN THE HEAT ♠ c-rank exam for haley Empty Re: LEFT TO THIRST OUT IN THE HEAT ♠ c-rank exam for haley

    Post by Morrigan 14th November 2017, 10:04 am

    Haley was doing her normal thing, being the Black Rose bartender and basically giving the folks who enter the inn a nice time with good customer service and a hell of a show at the bar. The shape shifter has gotten used to the job now thanks to tutelage from her seniors. The day was slow, she had grown use to the lay of the land and had learnt the lifestyle of someone in Fiore. The mage met many new people and had progressed in terms of relationships and bonds. A metal plaque on the side was the medal for setting the highest record for mechanical bull riding in the inn and a potion bottle with the brand of a store in Fiore was a souvenir. The mage was happily cleaning a shot glass when her guild ace came in.

    Itazura was one member she had first met on her job, the weasel was mischievous, rude and annoying presence with his cheeky attitude, but he was certainly not malicious. The kamaitachi, or sickle weasel after being translated, was a guild ace and that meant behind his lazy and lax behavior, he was someone both powerful and trustworthy. Haley would dream that such a position would come to her, but she is satisfied being the lady behind the bar. At first, she watched his movement, he did stand out. Haley wonder who is was searching for before the yokai came straight to her just after she looked away with attention poking. The girl remained silent the whole time but got the idea, basically find a man with the weird name who decided to hole himself in a desert, dangers here and there. Haley read the information as the half-pooka wondered why was such a job given to her. Well a task is a task and Haley has yet to see what is beyond Fiore if the location name was obvious enough.

    Haley packed her things and threw them into her trusty endless suitcase where they would be automatically sorted out like magic before pitching a ride to the desert of Desierto. How original of a name. Haley read a brochure from a tourist agency to make her at least have knowledge of the land. Desierto is known for being hot, humid and definitely dusty and sandy. Just who would hide actively in this place, well this man does. Haley admired the mug shot, certainly got his good side and very ugly side. He does not seem that tough. Looking back at the brochure, the place does seem pretty. The carriage could only bring her as far as the border and thus begins her own travel there. Turning into a crow, she takes flight and towards the sands to find Scrotumhat... Taserface? Haley was unsure how to call the mess of a face without failing his just as bad name. Must had an illiterate mother or father, maybe both.

    Haley stepped into the dunes, the locals had directed her towards the proposed location of Ysal Assir. They speak of how a large groups of men have been spotted in the eastern deserts and served as Haley's focal point of the search. They mention how this group was not simply just a bunch of bandits, they were organized and do not attack at random.
    Those who do manage to escape mentioned seeing a man similar to Ysal's portrait. Boarding a sand glider, she is brought out into the far dunes to begin her mission tasked to her by Itazura. Something told her he was being lazy again and passed her this job for her due rank up examination. The girl frowned, she might need to "interrogate" him later.
    The mage expects a jewel reward for doing his hard work.

    Haley got off the sand glider before watching it leave her. The pilot would only bring her this far out, for it was viper territory. Not surprising. A snake in a vehicle is a bad possibility. Speaking of which, here comes two now. Haley brought out her knives, the Witheroot daggers and pointed them dangerously at the snakes. Actually such a short distance might be a bad idea. Haley slowly backed away as the snakes hissed at her with their rattles raised. They were beautiful, their scales shimmered like desert jewels. They bared their fangs, dripping with venom at her. The mage needed something to close the gap between her blades and the snakes safely. Then she remembered the orb in the knives. The girl smiled a bit as she slowly moved back.

    She changed the blades into duals, then bringing them close to the hilt into a double bladed glaive. At least now she had relatively distance between herself and the snakes while pointing a dangerous stick at them. Haley quickly stabs one and pulls its body back just as the second viper bites into its dead friend's body. The girl quickly pulled out and stabbed the second one and impaled it right through the head, ending its life. The girl pants softly, releasing the tension from her encounter before proceeding on before she could encounter any more snakes.

    "Well~ BOYS! Look what we have here!" A husky voice taunted. Haley had gone past the vipers and now is past into open sands. Her lone figure however made her an easy choice pick for any marauders who roamed the sands and unluckily for her, she is surrounded by bandits. Shirtless, tanned and stinky, Haley scoffed at their sneers and jokes. They complimented her figure and then insulted her by calling her a potential whore. As much as the mage loves to joke that is too far for her. Talk about rude! Haley spun her knives and they laughed.

    "Oh is missy here gonna show us knife tricks!"

    "No boss she is gonna cook us dinner!" The quartet laughed. Well laughed they did as they toppled to the floor. Haley wiped the blood of her daggers before kicking their lifeless heads to add insult to injury. Night fell softly.

    Haley sat down at on her suitcase, munching on a pork jerky in the safety of the dark dunes. Turns out if knew which side faced the wind the dunes provided a safe shelter for her. Now is just resting for the day after a good meal. Well at least she thought she was going to have a good meal.

    Haley heard a man barking and scolding. The girl looked around her side, there was no one in sight. Her vision switch to the fate lines, clearly no one. The girl then peeked out over the other side of the dune she was planning to rest under and sees a small fire with a pale man and what seems to be a group of ten henchmen hauling loot into a hidden hideout. Haley quickly took out her reference and smiled. Bingo. The girl needed a clear shot of his head now as she took out her daggers. Well she thought she was going to when suddenly her suitcase swallows her up and knocking her head, blacking her out.

    Haley awoke in the Library, the familiar pedestal stood in the room with a soft light over it which made reading better. However, there was a book on the pedestal she is not familiar with. The mage slowly got up and examined her surroundings. It was huge and endless, typical of a library but it felt empty and disconnected at the same time. There was books lining the shelves yet they felt two dimensional. Her first thought went however to the safety of her messenger raven, Twitter.

    "Twitter?" Her voice echoed in the library. This does not feel like the place she had created. Haley was scared, was Twitter okay, was anything okay? However the book was inviting, the leather cover glimmered softly with well applied polish and the golden engravings told her it was something special. Haley approached it slowly and read the title, the Leabhar na finscéalta, the Book of Legends. When did she learnt to pronounce that? And how did she translate it? Haley's fear begun to well up, the tension slowly growing. The half-pooka touched the leather cover curiously before flipping it open, a soft glow from the front page. Haley read it out loud.

    "Use it well... Use it wisely.... I rest its fate on you..." Haley choked on the message's author's name. "Mum."

    Haley finds herself back in the real world, a soft leather in her hands. Her hand grazed the leather. Haley held it tight and was about to tear up when she heard a voice behind her.

    "OI! Miss bloody let me go already!" Haley turns around and sees that her target is tied up and the rope is in her hands. Haley stared confused before looking around. Every henchmen was either running away or presumed dead on the ground. The boss himself seems rather beaten up as well. Haley wondered what happened, but at least her assignment was complete. Now it was just a matter of getting home.

    Word Count: 1511/1500 Examination complete


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