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    It took us by surprise!

    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    It took us by surprise! Empty It took us by surprise!

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence 6th November 2017, 6:04 pm

    It took us by surprise! 9607aba78f6daadfe96ee0fde9db0883

    The campfire’s flames cast long shadows upon the stone formation around it, the wind gently encouraging the flames to sing a gentle melody to which the shades could dance to. Their dance took them from stone to stone, back and forth in an irregular pace, sometimes even growing twice as large before dying down again to their actual size upon the stone. They did not leave the safety of the light within the circle of stones, that like small monolithes encircled the fire that’d been placed exactly in the middle of said formation. One of the shades grew darker, clearer, and reached out for the fire with a long finger to see if it could sing another song for them to dance to… Kitalpha prodded the fire with her poke, a glorified oaken branch, making one of the logs she’d gathered earlier as the base of the campfire collapse into the ashes underneath it. Cinders spewed up into the air and gently lit the crimson eyes hidden behind the blonde bangs. The light reflected softly, and the blonde mage bend over the fire to readjust the skewered meat over the fire, hoping for it to not have burnt the outer layer when she was spacing off. As a lover of food she couldn’t stand anyone ruining food, drinks or dishes, even if they were but the simplest of things. The scent of well-done seasoned meat slowly spread around the campfire. She wondered how long it would take before nature’s nocturnal predators were to show themselves and claim her meal… or claim her for their meal. Hadn’t it been for the advantageous location right now, Kitalpha would’ve surely opted to go to bed on an empty stomach, or to snack on some berries instead of meat. It was the very reason she’d chosen this peculiar formation of rocks close to an extended ledge; sure it gave her less directions to escape from were she to get in trouble, but it also lessened the directions trouble could come from. After all, she wasn’t looking for trouble at this point, but was sure trouble would come looking for her soon. Whichever way, if it came for her at least she’d have her stomach filled. She took the skewer off the fire and replaced it with two new ones, reaching within the small tasset on her hip to sprinkle some seasoning upon the meat, as well as some within the fire. The things she tossed into the fire were known as Traveler’s Joy, or Clematis Vitalba, a herb known for giving a campfire or barbeque pleasant scent when dried and burnt.

    Once having the skewers secured she leant back against her stone, one probably taller than her if she were to stand up straight, and played with the thin wooden stick holding the smaller pieces of meat together between her slender fingers. She’d gotten rid of the long coat she wore with this attire and now sat cross-legged within her black trousers, sporting short boots and a simple black tank top, revealing a modest amount of cleavage and a well-kept and trained body, visible even within the lingering darkness of an early night. Her mouth watered as she took in the scent and chomped down on the first bit of meat, tugging it off with an awfully enjoying expression, allowing herself to focus on her humble dinner at hand instead of the looming surroundings around her. Had anything bad been keen to happen, she trusted her ability to be able to fight it off… or to run in case she couldn’t. Worst come to worst she could always call upon her newest companion, Jack, the Skeleton King.



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    It took us by surprise! Empty Re: It took us by surprise!

    Post by Aioai 10th November 2017, 6:30 pm

    Blind devotion, empty notions. Like a roaring ocean slowing motion, we'll merge into the masses. At once all race and classes. Return me to stardust, we'll burn ourselves to ashes, flare up in gleaming flashes 'cause smoke lingers after fire. Fading, breaking down, but we'll rendezvous at: the end, my friend and light. The darkness left behind. Return me to stardust.. Smoke lingers after fire. Lay down your troubled mind..>/div>
    we'll kindly cease to be. As we intertwine with the universe;Return me to stardust.. Smoke lingers after fire
    Fleeting. Twinkling within the abyss, darting across the deep sky, the moon held round and luminous shape and perfect it, it all seemed—Tranquil for those homed under its brilliance. ‘Least, it seemed to be such a way. Lost or was she hiding? Nights like these, she held herself hidden in a sleep.. Dreaming of times she couldn’t always remember, things, she never truly remembered… Years back. Maybe..

    Caught under such a brilliant sphere held graceful in the sky, a set of hues mixed between fuscia and azure sought out to the moon, with the extension of their right hand—How it sung, oh how it sung to her. Beneath this moon, the shadowed figure within the darkness was not the only one, as behind her, dozens held swords and torch with voices casting out in yelling hatred—Drawing near. The feminine figure held to a panting breath simply dropped her hand with her turning body, held to those pale pink lips was a smirk and a few drops of crimson and like that, awhile glittery silver dripped from wounds on her body, were swords found themselves. With a flash of her smirk, their steps and out of nowhere, without a cast or word, black wind shot up from her feet and consumed her, while forcing those around her back without taking their balances—Torches unlit and some of them screaming as their hues closed.

    Wrapping around her body, a figure held to a mere spiritual wind grabbed her in an embrace as she sunk into a magical symbol held to the air—Whispering simple words of thank you, crying in sorry and lastly, a voice held with regret versus a voice held masculine. As both he and she vanished within the shadowy abyss of the circle, and to the sky, with feathers left in the violent wind.

    So. When they looked, when they dropped their arms. Dancing in her place were thousands of feathers as they flew with the breeze and to the sky, underneath the moon that had sung to her—Perhaps, she would’ve never returned. But. For once. Just for this last time. She wanted to see them, be it in their grave and only in spirit, she had to… She wanted to. Just once more. To speak to this person, even if they attempted to kill her or seal her away. Even if the whole village, the whole town hated her for such a time… She could see him one more time, despite all that happened, because noone else knew the truth aside from them—Bitter as it could’ve been. It was fine. So long as their name was clear. A nightstray shall never have a home, as this is their fate. But. They held a heart that carried everyone’s home, all those a memory or held dear.

    Caught within a world, between worlds. Among the stars, the two drifted with words exchanged. Her earth and this spiritual passage, the figure of a soul held themselves clung to as she, the female held herself into tears—“Even in life to death. You are worrisome. Live.” He said. Tilting her head up, from the chest of the familiar soul, those hues of hers opened and finally, among the stars and beneath the moon. She realized… It was all a distant memory, a dream. Because. Within this sky. There was only her.


    Absent in her mind. “I can’t remember… Why.. Am I hated..? Who.. Are you..?” her shattered voice asked… Why these things? Why hunted? Awoken to the sky that always summoned her forth and caught within its abyssal sea. Those hues of hers stared to the moon caught in an flow of wind, as she was guided through the sky and opening beyond her as her arm extended. It all flashed. All again. That question will always be unanswered. Dropped within this portal, this black formed sphere of darkness, the moon faded from her sight as her world once again turned to darkness and this time fate had something in store for her. To replace all those things she lost.

    To an unexpected lone female. A female who found herself alone at a bonfire, cooking with what seemed to be pleasant spices and scents—Combined with the trolling of time and place. So. Without an inch or warning. It was time. Located above the lone blonde was a magical circle forming about seven feet above her current location, a six foot radius circle with an ancient language and magic it seemed. And within that same second. A figure of some type was dropped out of it. Vanilla strings. Dark robe and dress, along with a visor over her eyes were the easiest to see, among a feminine frame and if she happened to be looking, and didn’t move, this shot out female was going to land head first on the blonde eating. “W-Watch out!” Her voice called out.

    Sorry. I was in a rush. D=

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