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    It's Quiet Uptown ★ Private, Job


    It's Quiet Uptown ★ Private, Job Empty It's Quiet Uptown ★ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 3rd November 2017, 8:54 pm

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    It's Quiet Uptown ★ Private, Job Empty Re: It's Quiet Uptown ★ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 3rd November 2017, 9:53 pm

    Never in her life would Mei think that chasing an actual fifty foot gingerbread man would be a reality. Sure, maybe in her dreams, to which she would then wake up only to be both hungry and disappointed. But in reality? It could only be that, a dream.
    Well apparently today was the day the earth mage was finally about to realize some dreams just come true.
    Currently, the brunette was carrying two big bags of groceries, one in each arm, filled to the brim with a various assortment of snacks. If she didn't leave room in the middle for her to see, she might not have even be able to. But the bear, while not being the brightest sometimes, was at least smart enough to know when she needed one of her senses. Especially in a busy market like Talonia.
    Apparently this was where all the guildless mages went. She wasn't too sure on what a guild was, but on some occasions she had picked up on them with word of mouth. They were some sort of organizations scattered across Fiore where groups of mages came and did stuff together. So in short, kind of like a tribe. Except they weren't relying on each other to live like her people, they just so happen to have the same ideals and purposes and came together to work on them. So not exactly too far away from a concept of a tribe. Rather, you can control what guild you go into, while in a tribe you were stuck there no matter what. Unless you got yourself exiled or something, but now she was being too technical.
    All this technical jargon was making her hungry.
    Mei summoned a earth-made hand to form upwards from the ground below her. It stretched it's arm to reach into one of the bags and brought out an apple. It tossed it into the air before catching it, to which it would then bring the fruit down to Mei's lips so she could take a big, juicy bite. Mei smiled, and licked her lips. Satisfying. If she could, she would high five the hand. But then she would end up dropping all her stuff, so that wasn't exactly a good idea. Wouldn't that mean she was high fiving herself anyway? Whatever, she deserved it. But she would have to do it later.
    Mei rather enjoyed the walk through the busy market, chomping upon her apple right up until a shout sounded from behind her.

    Gingerbread? The brunette stopped in her tracks, and looked behind her. From the distance, it was kind of hard to see. But she could just make out a rather large figure flailing about and running straight this way. A few of the mages over in the distance began to shout and scream, before starting to run away. Mei just stood there, still somewhat confused about why the man was shouting about gingerbread.
    Then it hit her.
    The smell.
    The gingery smell of freshly baked gingerbread.
    She sniffed the air, and smirked once the figure in the distance was more easy to make out.
    It was a gingerbread man. Literally. Just a gingerbread man running towards her. Well. This day just got more interesting... And in fact, better. The gingerbread man got closer, and she was now able to hear his shouting. Something about how they couldn't stop him because he was the gingerbread man. Huh, well guess he didn't know about the earth mage now did he?
    Once the gingerbread man got close enough Mei sent out the hand that was still resting beside her. It threw away the apple core to the side, and stretched out. It punched right through the bread man's chest, causing  a huge hole right through it. The gingerbread man tripped, and fell right down onto his face with a giant thud. A few of the carts that littered the sides of the streets flew upwards or broke apart with the force.
    Just to be sure of the monster's defeat, Mei used the same hand to bash his head into a few hundred pieces.
    Well, that sure didn't take much. Seems he underestimated her. How sad.
    Mei's eyes sparkled and mouth watered, spying upon the pieces of freshly basked gingerbread that was now crumbled onto the streets. Well, her mother told her as a kid it was unhealthy to eat things off the floor... But her mother wasn't here was she?

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