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    An Idol needs her Lacrima-net. || Solo Job.

    Desirée Blooms
    Desirée Blooms

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    An Idol needs her Lacrima-net. || Solo Job. Empty An Idol needs her Lacrima-net. || Solo Job.

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 27th October 2017, 9:00 pm

    Desirée Blooms
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    Loud and joyous music blasted through the speakers of the alleyways that Desirée slowly ducked through during the night, the bright multi-colored lights of pink and green striking her shadow as she sulked around with her large, black glasses clearly covering her eyes. Bobbing behind her was a dim yet glowing orb of green energy, Kiwi, accompanying her on a small adventure that they would go on. She was originally supposed to make it to the Neutral Grounds before sunset, however a sudden stop on the train-ride here caused them to be late by a few hours. She was headed to a giant facility which primarily focused on the making of various lacrima products, and they were generous enough to do a brand-deal with Desirée in order for her to obtain one for free. Of course Desirée would accept this gift, as it was very surprising that she did not have one already. She typically used her lacrima-computers and televisions to do deals and various things that celebrities would do, but she felt as though a deal like this would finally let her be able to do things in a more portable fashion. This would make it easier to take pictures, as the iLac would come with a much better quality camera than the physical one she had back at home.

    Walking from alleyway to other alleyway, she wanted to avoid the scene of the open sidewalks so she would not be stopped by possible fans or others that would recognize her presence. The alleyways, which consisted of bars and dark lights would be perfect for this reason. She would be walking in a face pace across each twist and turn, finally making it to the building that she was due to enter. This building heavily matched her white and black clothing, as it was a large tower of white with various shades of black and grey-glass panes. The lights were dim inside, making it the perfect opportunity to go in without anyone noticing. As she quickly grabbed Kiwi's arm and her purse, she darted across the empty street and inside the sliding glass doors.

    It looked as if it were near closing hour, considering nobody was inside besides a few workers in highly-decorated white robes with silver and black mechanical pieces upon their bodies. They looked as if they were from the future themselves, but their skin definitely hinted at them being human with some mechanical enhancements. Desirée apologized for being late and the man which stood near the door shook his head to symbolize that it was all good, and then pointed toward the back of the floor which consisted of a machine with glowing panels that rotated images. As Desirée walked to the machine, it seemed as though this is how you would be able to customize your iLac, including the case, color, and size. Desirée proceeded to select a light pink color for the physical front accompanied with white hues, and the back to match while having a rose-gold logo and two white stripes. She then entered her information so it would be pre-loaded onto the iLac, and pressed the final button, causing the machine to begin vibrating and emitting various colors of light.

    After a few seconds, a small belt was released from the front right before Des, causing the phone in a small box to be presented in-front of her. She picked it up and opened it, turning it on and beginning to scroll through the various pre-downloaded apps while smiling. She then turned to the workers which were photographing her and thanked them for their efforts and generosity before walking out onto the street, downloading all of her various platforms of social media in order to begin posting about the brand collaboration.

    "Kiwi, we got ourselves our very own iLac! How cute~!"


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