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    The Idol


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    The Idol Empty The Idol

    Post by Admin 4th April 2021, 1:18 am

    Job Title: The Idol
    Rank: A
    Category: Treasure Hunt
    Job Location: Anywhere
    Solo Word Count: 5,000
    Group Word Count: 10,000
    Additional Requirements: N/A
    Job Description: A treasure hunter has come upon a treasure map that leads to the location of an idol made of precious metals and gems, the design of which is up to the player. Rumors has it that upon the light of the lunar eclipse, the idol will give up a wish. The next lunar eclipse is soon, and the treasure hunter is looking for at least one other person to accompany him to make sure he gets his treasure and makes it back alive in time to use it.

    That's right, accompany. The client insists that he comes along on the journey and it is your duty to protect him at all cost. His details are up to the player's design. You'll also need to stick around to watch him make his wish, as he's a little afraid that the rumors aren't true and something dangerous will happen.
    Enemies: Any traps, puzzles, and extra enemies are up to the player's design.

    • Shadow Fiend x4
      Has the ability to be invisible for a brief period of time. They attack using their claws and teeth. They can an be Chased away using light magic, otherwise they need 2x A rank damage each to bring down
      Enemy Rank: Weak

    • Shadow Acolyte x2
      They are manipulators of shadow magic, have the ability to summon other monsters, fight by firing bolts of darkness. Be careful, defeat them as fast as you can. They take 5x A rank damage each to bring down.
      Enemy Rank: Normal

    • Shadow Lord
      A warrior corrupted by evil. It wields a wide variety of shadow magic and their darkness-infused zweihander broadsword. It takes 10x A rank damage to bring down.
      Enemy Rank: Boss

    Reward: 75,000 jewel.

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