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    Sewing the seeds of deceit


    Cortesan of Mist

    Cortesan of Mist

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    Sewing the seeds of deceit Empty Sewing the seeds of deceit

    Post by Oykai 26th October 2017, 10:38 pm

    Exam Requirements:

    It had been only a short time since their contract had been obtained from the house they had called home, school and work by a dragon whom they had only met earlier that day by the name of Sol. They had spent some time together and for that short time they forgot what their role was within life and they had been thankful for it though it got them into trouble for breaking curfew. During the conversation before they returned home Sol had commented that he had every intention of buying their contract, Yuiisai on the other hand was doubtful that it would ever happen but somehow it had. Now they where contracted to Sol and with that the guild he had given his own allegiance to became their own guild. It happened so quickly for them but wouldn't question it; but this is how the courtesan had ended up in the dark guild Basilisk Fang, which was a strange change of pace.

    Due to their normal lifestyle they where still trying to get use to the change in sleeping patterns but awoke to find a letter on the table with the name Sol normally called them. They had no idea why he insisted on calling them Yuu as their name only had one 'u' in it, but they where far from being in a position to argue what they were called so had accepted the alteration to their name from Sol alone. Moving to the low table the sat for a moment looking at the envelope before breaking the seal to revel the letter within.

    Dear Yuu,
                 I have a task to test your skill and talants, I want you to head to Magnolia and take out a target. The target I have chosen for you will not be an easy one but I want to see just what you can do. Take out the Rune Knight captain and make it seem like one of his subordinates done it to create discord within the order.... oh yeah, I suggest you don't get caught because if you do you're on your own.


    Reading the note she couldn't help but blink on the target he had chosen for them and what the second part of it was, then there was the added pressure that if they got caught they would be on their own for their crime. "Wow, he doesn't set the bar low does he." they said with a sigh standing and heading out the door of the room he had given them and headed down to the door way. Their hand went to the door in a hesitant manner it was still day outside and this was something they had grown accustomed to quite yet. When they had left it was normally with Sol by their side so they got use to the fact they could come and go as they pleased but remembered where was their home now. After a moment they gripped the handle and went to the train station in their hair was a jade hairpin with sakura petals falling from it; before long they was sat silently in a private carriage going over what had to be done in their mind.

    It was the first time they had to assassinate someone, but the added issue was they had to make it seem like another member of the sacred order had done it, they couldn't help but sigh and close their eyes "He certainly knows how to pick his challenges..." they where frustrated slightly but there was little they could do, Sol held their contract. "Very well I'll play his deadly game... after all I am his pawn to move as he sees fit." they stated opening their eyes to reveal their rare milky jade coloured eyes as they read something that had been left on the carriages table. "A banquet?" they seemed to maul over the idea that they could do it then but if they had to be honest with themselves if they done such a thing then they would be caught for sure so decided against it. "I really should develop a shadow puppet spell." they sighed in frustration knowing that kind of spell would make this task that much easier, but not to much longer they found themselves inside the train station of Magnolia.

    Their eyes going one way and the other as they took in the new sights, sounds and smells they weren't accustomed to. "This is a large city." they said moving to buy a map so they didn't get lost, they had remembered what rune knights dressed as and had done research over the weeks so they knew the enemies to Sol and to their guilds way of doing things. "So I'm looking for Rune Knight captain Arthrious Namara." they whispered to themselves trying to think of the best scenario, they had made sure to lace the hairpin they wore with a special poison of their own design. It would seem like one of the many incenses they used within their room, but all it would take was a single jab and the poison would take effect quickly the wound healing almost instantly and the traces dissipating within ten minutes. "I just need to pretend to be one of them, shouldn't be to hard to do."

    They continued to wander around taking in the sights of the city a bright smile on their face as they put the task out of their head, at least for now; for now they needed information and playing tourist was the best way to gather said information. Pausing they looked as they seen an exhibition match happening between some of the rune knights stationed in the city and took one of the seats closest. Watching every movement trying to find the weakness within their strikes and their fighting styles believing it may come in useful at a later date. 'They're uniformed completely mirrored... that's not good. They're idiots.' they thought to themselves but before long the captain put his subordinate on his rear, though brief they noted that the young man was angry about the loss and decided that he was the tool to this task.

    'Why do it looking like yourself, when you can make it look like another done it.' they thought allowing everyone to leave but they remained waiting for the young man to leave their appearance changing to be a maiden with red hair and flaming eyes, even the clothing changed thanks to manipulating the shadow into a white summer dress. "You stood no chance against him." she said almost sad to have seen him lose which caught the young man off guard, seeing here he blushed deeply "Tell me about it." he said huffing walking over to her "While you're forced to do things so uniformly you only invite defeat, the enemy can read you." she said gently the young Rune Knight nodding to their words "Finally someone who understands, fights like that will go to those with more experience it's stupid." he said with an annoyed tone.

    While this was happening she had managed to gather a sample of his energy through their shadow, before acting faint and falling into them taking his credentials before standing. "I should sit down for a bit, please take care." she said curtsying to him his cheeks flushing. "Y-yeah, the captain is going to be sorry." he said moving off to the centre of town. Yuiisai waited until the youth was out of sight before manipulating the shadow and using it as a guise walking amongst other rune knights without qualm, it almost seemed to easy to them but knew they shouldn't be cocky as they where inside the lion's den so to speak. In no time they spotted their target and moved to the shadow to watch him. "He is rather handsome, pity he has to die." they sighed using shadow dance to move into his shadow pulling the hairpin from their hair and stabbed it into the spin between the first and second vertebrae the man stopping in his tracks as his body tried to catch up with what just happened to it. Next they dropped the credentals and took the pin out flicking the blood from it before fixing their hair and running off under the guise knowing other had just seen it as the young rune knight fleeing after their captain fell.

    Once back in the safety of the shadows Yuiisai dropped the glamour the shadow gave her and went to a bench to watch as events unfolded. "Task done" They whispered to themselves taking on a male form watching as the manhunt started, when satisfied they got up and headed back to the train so they could get back home. It had been an interesting day but they would be glad to be back within their cage resting. Now it made them wonder if this was just one of the simple tasks Sol had given them what would apparent more challenging tests be like, one thing was for certain it was going to be one hell of a ride and their seat was assured on it.

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