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    Post by Hania 3rd May 2017, 3:54 pm

    Advent had followed his feet as he usually did ending up in another town almost flopping forwards just a little, almost as if giving in to defeat "Not another town... how do they find me?" he sighed in frustration allowing himself to fall to the ground which made quite the scene. "Why can't I meet a nice forest or a good piece of greenery... that's what I need in my life" his voice almost sounded as if he wanted a relationship with these things which wasn't exactly not the truth but at the same time he had no idea anything other than a family bond was. Huffing he moved onto his knees dusting off his top. He personally didn't care about a bit of dirt but he kept being given into trouble about not acting in a proper manner or taking care of his clothing. He personally didn't see what the fuss about the clothing he had torn clothes before but they always fussed over the ones he currently was wearing.

    Slowly standing he dusted of his trouser bottoms and started walking through the town wondering if there was anything that he could do for fun in this otherwise seemingly boring town. "Nothings happening! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring!" he exclaimed loudly making passers by stop to look at him in surprise almost as if he had jump scared them. He couldn't help but giggle a little at the thought "It's not my fault I tell you, it really is boring" he stated leaning against a nearby wall. It was clear that the long white haired youth had more than a few screws loose and didn't do very well in towns but he was trying as much as he wanted to run and off.

    It wouldn't be long before he slid down the wall this time it was not out of frustration or annoyance but through being tired, his eyes closed beneath the blindfold as he pulled his knees close to him. He had slept in that position for as long as he could remember and even though he himself knew it wasn't the correct way to sleep and that was a feat in itself since he wasn't exactly what anyone would call normal, he kept doing it "I want to go home Akio" he whispered gently a tear falling from under the blindfold as he fell into a semi light slumber so he could remain aware of his surroundings at all times. This place done something to him at least in his mind and he didn't like the change to himself.

    Slowly he started to drift further and further towards the darkness of sleep, his breathing soft and steady. He couldn't remember how many days had passed since he last rested so he seemed to be enjoying it now and was fighting himself to remain awake due to knowing he would be left defenceless in the open. It was about the time that he was ready to fall into a slumber when he heard two voices he didn't want to move now his body was relaxed so quietly sat listening to two. He couldn't hear everything that was being said but he could make out enough to know that someone was in a bit of a pickle on a farm just outside town. When he heard farm he smiled weakly "Not a forest but it's nature that could help me right?" he asked himself he hated when his head was all fuzzy and confused but that's where his mind sat at the current time.

    He was still finding it hard to adapt to cities so made him scratch at his left cheek and right arm which at current were covered in scratches making it look like he had been in a fight with a cat or a thorn bush. It was just something he done to deal with the stress of what was going on with his life at current. He knew that evolution is needed within nature, a person and magic or it would grow stagnant and die so it was something he knew he would need to deal with no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it was for himself. Standing he dusted himself off for before heading to the two people talking "Where's the farm?" his voice shook a little not out of fear or intimidation but because how he was feeling but managed to keep it from getting to bad.

    The two women looked to him as they stopped talking as they had no idea he was even around. "Um... Two miles outside town, follow the dirt path then take a right and it's another five miles; it's late so you might want to go using transport." the woman seemed almost concerned for his safety. "I'll be alright, thanks for your help." he said waving with a handsome smile as he started moving forward towards the northern city limits. He didn't want to be trapped inside the place given how bad he was at current he doubted he could deal with being in the place for a whole night.

    He managed to get to the city limits and leave before the gates closed for the night. "Why do do they need that?" he asked as he continued walking his hands behind his head "Seems like the a waste of a tree's life if you ask me" he muttered to himself his head tilting back a bit almost as if his head was in the clouds though this couldn't be farther from the truth he was listening to information being given to him. "Well that's just stupid, just because humans have idiots that don't care about their own kind doesn't mean nature has to pay the price..." he huffed in frustration "Yes, I know all life has meaning you raised me with that understanding. Jeeze and you lot say I'm the flighty one" he shook his head continued walking "There's to much destruction and meaningless loss of life" his head lowered it was almost like it was more than just an observers comment but like he included himself in his own statement.

    He fell quiet touching his head as if he was trying to figure something out but that wasn't the case there was pressure building but for now he would have to ignore it as he had a task that needed to be tended to and was trying his best to remain focused without the threat of being hurt, time or being eaten but for the most part it wasn't really working but it was enough for him to turn right when he needed to and continue walking "I... I'll do it after this job" his voice hesitated to speak, he didn't understand why he had been cursed with such horrible magic but it wasn't like he had anyone like him he could ask how they cope with it so sighed continuing without another sound lost in his own chaotic web of thoughts.

    Before he knew it he was near the farm, his head tilted his head to the left side his left hand going to his mouth before he opened it yawning and heading to a tall apple tree near by, his hand going to the bark caressing it his hands feeling the rough texture of the old bark "Can I have shelter and protection under your branches please?" he asked his head going to the bark almost like a sign of respect before turning and sitting down before bringing his knees to his chest. His hands went to his blindfold hesitantly as he began to untie it revealing almond shaped eyes that he kept closed as he tied the fabric around his white hair to prevent it from flying around while he slept his hands then moved to his side as he fell asleep quickly after.

    Before he knew it his eyes would flicker open a little to reveal a slither of moon blue to be seen but a few seconds later he closed his eyes tightly remembering that his blindfold wasn't around his eyes. Quickly he moved to the black fabric in his hair untying it wrapping it back around his eyes once more blinking underneath it as he stretched his legs out his hand feeling around the ground beside him only to feel a few apples "Thank you, you know you didn't have to allow apples to fall from you. I could have found something... but thank you" he said turning placing his head back on the tree he whispered something under his breath before turning around once more to eat what had been provided for him with a happy grin. Once finished he created a hole near the roots and placed the cores inside before covering them "So they came from you, so they return to you" he said happily standing up once again dusting himself off before heading towards the farmhouse so he could finally meet the person whom would be his employer at least for a short time.

    Within ten minutes he had finished the last of his journey moving his hand to knock on the door to be met with a frustrated "Ge' mae a minute, damn back.." Advent remained quiet waiting he knew what pain was and how much it hurt, his arms moved almost ask if to hug himself for support, his head shaking quickly making his hair dance around his athletically toned form he knew he shouldn't think about that because it led down a dark and very painful rabbit hole he didn't want to be part of again. His hand move forward as the door opened as if some sort of travelling sales man "Hello sir! I heard in the town nearby last night that you hurt yourself..." he began the farmer blinking at the cheerful teen "Aye, tha' be right lad... thre' it out good an' proper I did, cannae dae tha darn plantin' due tae it, an' the blasted things need daein' soon tae" he sighed at his own misfortune.

    Advent didn't understand half of what the farmer was saying that was for sure and was about to open his mouth tho tell him as such before closing his mouth knowing that he was being given a disapproving look from somewhere "So you need help planting seeds for the harvest, am I getting that right?" he wanted to clarify before he got the wrong end of the branch on what was going on which quite often given how he understood things "Aye, if they dunnae get dun this week, then no gunnae make harvest this year" he said scratching his head wondering how he was going to do it "That I understood, I'll help if I know where the seeds are" he said almost bouncing off the ground like a hyperactive chipmunk who had been dosed on sugar and coffee.

    "seeds are at the back a' the hoose" he stated pointing seemingly not noticing that Advent was wearing a black piece of fabric around his eyes "Umm... I can't see, but I'm sure I'll manage" he stated starting to walk around the house trying to keep from falling over, he had never been on a farm before so he was quite sure that there would be something he would end tripping over and that was something he could really live without at the moment. As he was lost in his own thoughts however he ended up tripping over a large bag of seeds and landed on the ground. Normally he would be mad that he did trip over but given what it was over he was a bit more relaxed about it.

    Standing he picked up the coarse woven bag dusting it and himself off before scratching his head with a bit of a puzzled look on his face. He never had actually thought how he would go about doing this job given how big the patch of land was that he was going to sew the seeds in "Well at least I don't have to til the ground, because doing that alone would be no fun at all, but I guess that's how the farmer done his back in" he said thoughtfully picking up the bag and began walking throwing handfuls of seeds at a time humming contently as he did so. He stopped for a moment shaking his head as he heard something "No! I won't! I'm never going... stop it!" he dropped the bag covering his ears his knees almost buckling underneath him but it wasn't to long before he let out a deep breath before picking up the bag and walking on again humming trying to drown out the siren's call.

    His eyes closing "I know, soon... I promise..." he whispered continuing "Please... sing..." his voice sounded as if he was begging for someone's help as he was struggling with some unknown force but was trying his best to keep himself together he knew if he worked hard he would be able to get through the field to day, he wish he had more time to savour what he was doing but it seemed like he had gone to long without doing things he was suppose to have done so with that added to the stress of being in new places fulled with people it had taken it's toll on the youth.

    Before long he was back at it and smiling through some sort of strain because he knew he had to, it didn't seem to bother him so much at the moment seeing he was now focusing on the task his hand moving into the bag before throwing seeds onto the dirt his voice humming a tune as he did so. His smile got brighter still as he heard birds chirping one even landing on his head to do so. Even though he should have taken a break several times he continued chirping, humming and at times even singing to himself; to him he wasn't doing it for the reward but more to give new life and help feed those who needed it which made him feel like he was indeed accomplishing something.

    By the time he stopped it was easily almost eight in the evening not that, that had ever stopped him when he was determined to finish something and actually seen it through as rare as it was. Picked up the empty bags so he could show the farmer before he moved back to the front door knocking for it knowing the farmer was still injured he waited patiently for him to open the door which soon did allowing a golden amber glow to peer through the door "ye' finished?" the man asked curiously his voice not believing that it could be done in one day, advent nodded holding out the empty bags "Yes, I ran out" he said almost with a disappointed tone, the farmer took the bags and smiled warmly to him "Thanks yungin' let me get ye' a lil' sumthin fir yer trouble" he said bringing out a small back and holding it out for the white haired youth to to take.

    Advent didn't want to take it but he had been told that it would come in handy in the future so he bowed his head a little reaching to take it gingerly "I'm glad I could help you and I hope that you get better come closer to harvest time" he said warmly before turning and waving as be moved off to find new places or something interesting to do for a short time either way he didn't mind but along the way he knew he would have to cleanse or he would continue having the problems he had been recently.
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