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    Planting the seeds


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    Planting the seeds Empty Planting the seeds

    Post by Hinata Mon 8 Jun 2020 - 22:42


    She spent the better part of the rest of the day walking around and making sure everything was doing okay in the vicinity. She couldn’t be a hundred percent sure that she had done everything she should have done, because she wasn’t a god, but she felt like she had a duty to this place to do the right thing. She wrapped up what she had been doing before, with patrolling around and making sure people in the area was safe, then she decided to go looking around for other stuff to do. She found someone who needed some help. She thought of herself as a pretty decent person, when she wanted to be a decent person at least, so she agreed to help him. The work he had for her was simple enough. It was just simple planting seeds around some land that an old man owned. He claimed to have gotten hurt so she wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. She guess she really didn’t care if he was telling the truth because she had little else to do but burn time until the end of the day anyways. If he wanted to lie about it just to gain her pity then… well she hoped karma came and bit him in the butt. In any case she went around planting the seeds the man had given her. It actually wasn’t that difficult to do.

    The act of planting was a chore. She didn’t often like to get her hands dirty like this but she found herself digging in filth just to get the plants in the soil. She didn’t know how to use all these gardening and farming tools because it really wasn’t her thing. She could think of a thousand other things she’d rather do in the meantime. But whatever. She just shrugged and pushed along because she’d already committed to doing this much. She didn’t want to back down unless there was like a threat that was coming at her. She didn’t notice any threats either though. Things were pretty sublime today and even the weather overhead seemed to agree with her. It didn’t take more than about half an hour and that was plenty enough to finish things off. Planting, even covering the planted seeds, and wthen finally watering the plants didn’t take up too much time. Within the hour she had wrapped up with this old man who didn’t look very injured at all and then she headed off back home. Simple helpful task that would gain her favor in the neighborhood, she guessed. She decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing in a park by a water fountain that she used to clean her hands off. She knew that it would be nowhere near enough to wash away all the grime from walking around all day and dealing with random nonsense but whatever. It’d have to do for now. She’d get to shower later when she got home and stuff.

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