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    Planting The Seeds


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    Planting The Seeds Empty Planting The Seeds

    Post by Lyretich Sun 25 Oct 2020 - 4:30

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    The task on hand today was quite the easy one, to help a poor farmer who had strained his back to plant some seasonal seeds, as the time to do this job was running out, and the old man himself could not attend to this task. At this point, Lyretich has been doing so many farming tasks, that the young male was thinking maybe he should change his profession to that of a farmer. Of course, these thoughts were just a joke, in reality, he enjoyed his job as a wizard very much so.

    The farm he was visiting today was gorgeous, it was spacious, had a variety of trees - decorative trees and fruit trees, all kinds of bushes and flowers, and rows and rows of vegetables and different kinds of grain fields. Just looking at the way this land was organized any visitor would feel the passion and love of the owner. And in no time a gentle-looking in his elderly years' man came out to greet Lyre, "Hello there, I am so glad someone finally responded to my request. The time is really pressing, as you know seasons will change in a few days and these particular seeds are very sensitive to season change, so I can only plant them now, but unfortunately, as I was planning to that I hurt my back," the man spoke in a discouraged tone as he and Lyretich made their way to to a big building, which turned out to be a big warehouse.

    "You see up there are the seeds, with this back I can forget planting, I cannot even reach them," indeed the seeds the man wanted to plant were located on the most upper shelf of this huge seed warehouse. A person with back pain would not be able to climb the tall stairs to pick up the necessary object.

    As a young youth, it was no problem for today's main character, Lyretich quickly got up the stairs and as quickly got down, with seeds in his hands. The elderly man guided Lyretich to the field that was allocated for this specific plant, "Just plant them here, in a row, but be careful not to step on the back rows, as the plants there have already started to sprout," the man warned as he left Lyretich on his own.

    The work itself was slightly tiring as he had to bend and get up, this cycle was repeated for a few good hours until the young man reached the end of the row, he wiped the sweat that had panted upon his forehead, with a handkerchief that was deeply hidden in the pocket of his sweatpants, before reporting back to the elderly man.

    The kind-looking stranger thanked the youthful-looking male, giving him the promised rewards before Lyre went off to whichever place he was heading next.  The seeds were planted successfully and the old man now can be assured that he will be able to harvest the crop in time for his back to heal.

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