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    Planting The Seeds


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    Planting The Seeds Empty Planting The Seeds

    Post by Shirayuki 31st March 2019, 6:41 am


    In all of her fantasies and dream, Cierra had never imagined herself as farmer but that was precisely what she was working as today. Sat on a magically powered seed planter, the young girl was slowly travelling across the fields, the expression on her face one of complete and utter boredom. This was not the most exciting task by any stretch but the young mage had agreed to do it as she just could not say no to someone in distress. The farmer had sadly injured his back and had desperately sought her help as she walking by. So, she had agreed, on the condition that she would be paid, as well as fed, which he had slightly bemusedly agreed too. Jewels were great but food was more important to her most days and today was one of those. There were other positives too as despite the boring job, it was actually quite fun riding the seed planter and she was quickly getting the hang of it. Although she did promise herself to never try farming again as she could well die of boredom if she had to take part in it again.

    The job took most of the day to accomplish but by the time that the sun began to fade, the fields were completely planted and a rather tired mage had brought the seed planter to rest beside the farmer's house. As promised, he treated her to a meal with his family and it turned out to be a tasty one too. Her stomach was definitely filled by the end and after a brief talk between the farmer and his wife, they offered her a bed for the night too, as thanks for her good work. She accepted without a moments thought and quickly passed out on the bed, asleep before she even his the soft mattress, completely exhausted. There were no dreams for her that night and she slept all the way around to half way through the next morning. After a healthy breakfast, Cierra received her payment and then took her leave, completing her latest job and receiving nothing but praise from the farmer.

    It was just reached midday when she finally left the house and began on her merry way once more, her eyes wide eyed with wonder once more as she moved out, wondering where she would end up next. She had still not been to the guild yet, a thought that caused her to mentally face palm, having been distracted yet again by her latest job. Ah well, there was no rush and perhaps it would stand her in better stead with the guild if she had already performed a few jobs already. Either way, she would get there eventually, even if she ended up taking the long way round, as she so often did. It was only when she was half way down the road that she realised that she had no idea where the guild even was, much to her embarrassment. Yet, she simply shook her head and smirked, knowing that she would find it eventually.

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