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    [Job/Kirahunter] For A Good Cause


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    [Job/Kirahunter] For A Good Cause Empty [Job/Kirahunter] For A Good Cause

    Post by Kirahunter 22nd October 2017, 8:45 pm

    Vorpal approached the charity tent where people were passively coming in and out attracted in by a barker at the entrance. The large white tent covered an impressive space near the Hargeon port and when Vorpal entered he found it the sight of what looked rather like a circus. Patrons gathered on bleachers around a circular stage where a top hat wearing ringmaster announcer performance after performance encouraging people to show their gratitude for the performers with generous charity donations. Vorpal had come there when it was advertized that the stage would be opened for any mage volunteers who believe they could put on a spectacle for the crowd, he figured as a living piece of metal he could do something to impress the crowd and make them feel a little more generous. But he was unaware exactly when the stage would be opened up so he sat back and just watched for the moment. He felt a little guilty after each act when the ringmaster called out to donors, Vorpal himself was rather broke as he had been denied payment after his last job went rather south, he could only contribute as an act and he knew that was what he came there to do but he felt rotten free loading on the show like that with no intention to donate. But eventually the ring leader came back forward and proudly announced, “Our performers will be taking a short break to prepare for their next round of acts. In the meantime we encourage you to come forward and offer some jewels for the donation boxes to show your appreciation! Also for anyone in the audience who came here answering our call for magical volunteers please head behind the stage now and we’ll see about getting you up on stage here! Come now don’t be shy!”

    That was Vorpal’s signal he got up and headed over towards an area behind the stage where a curtain separated the audience from the prepping area. Upon getting back stage Vorpal found himself surrounded by activity, performers trying on costumes, prepping props and others just lounging around(presumably done with their acts for the day). Vorpal saw a cluster of magic looking folk gathering around the ring leader and determined that to be the ideal location for him to look into helping. He hurried on over and listened in on what was being discussed. The ring leader greeted each of the gathered mages in turn inquiring about how they meant to perform. Some offered elaborate and interesting plans, the ring leader seemed skeptical about the level of detail likely curious as to how practiced their complex routines were, some offered more simply demonstrations of their magics to which seemed to be more what the ring leader was looking for. In turn he either sent each mage back to the audience, unimpressed, or agreed to let them go on stage. Eventually he got around to Vorpal and looked him over, “Alright big guy. What have you got for us.” Vorpal rolled his shoulders and allowed the illusion of his skin fade away to reveal his true metal form for a moment before reverting back his full human state, “As you just saw my body is composed entirely of steel. I was planning on a pretty simple act show casing the invincibility this affords me.” The ring master seemed to think it over, “It’s simple but we can make it shocking. I think I like it, you’ll go last we’ll need time to set up a few ‘tests’ for the audience.” Vorpal was surprised to see the ring leader already had a better plan for his act then his own but decided not to question it and just nodded. As the group started to disperse the ring leader came back to him, “Just how invincible are you exactly?” Vorpal scratched his head, “Well enough force will eventually break my skin, but as long as none of the weapons are enchanted they should break before I do.” The ring leader nodded his head aggressively at that, as if that wasn’t a very vague answer. It seemed to satisfy him and he walked off to set some things in motion.

    Shortly the mages began to take the stage performing various acts of magical whimsy and wonder getting generous ooohs, aaahs and donations from the audience. Vorpal was made just to wait around backstage and was unable to actually spectate anyone else. Eventually the ring leader came to get him and directed him up some stairs that would take him through the curtains and onto the stage. Vorpal began to comply but inquired as they walked, “What exactly are you going to do to me out there?” The ring leader laughed, “The audience will be more impressed if you don’t know. So just get out there, look brave, and brace yourself.” That made Vorpal a little nervous but push that aside, this was for a good cause. He climbed up the stairs and onto the stage, suddenly in the spotlight of a multitude of spectators. The ring leader followed after him and announced him, “This volunteer known as the Vorpal Blade is strong as steel and fearless as a knight in shining armor. He has agreed to cooperate with our performers as we perform a very special trick. Vorpal please stand at the center of the stage.” Vorpal did as he was instructed and put on his best smile for the audience. As he did so a number of the performers from backstage came out and surrounded the stage carrying what Vorpal realized to be crossbows. They surrounded the stage and aimed their weapons at Vorpal. In the back of his head he felt a twinge of panic, historically crossbows could puncture steel at times, however upon inspecting the tips of the bolts pointed at him he realized the tips were not made of a strong enough material to puncture him. So he stood fearless as he awaited the salvo of arrows. The ring leader hopped off the stage and stood behind the performers, “Very well then! Vorpal are you ready?” He grinned and shouted, “I was forged ready!” The exclamation of confidence seemed to relax a handful of spectators who had appeared worried since the cross bows appeared. The ring master shouted back, “Good! Gentlemen, begin!” It sounded like a chorus of string instruments having their cords pulled on by violent children drowning out the gasps of the crowd, and before Vorpal could even second guess if this was a good idea a ring of crossbow bolts all crashed into him at once. From all directions the sharpened sticks collided with his metal body, splintering, cracking, and bouncing off harmlessly. The second the last projectile fell harmlessly to the ground he raised his arms victoriously and declared, “Such weapons hold no fear for a man such as myself!” It was then that Vorpal realized a battering ram had been rolled onto the stage behind him. He turned around just to see the end of a large log crashing into his face knocking him off the stage and out the front of the tent. A shocked silence filled the crowd until Vorpal yelled back, “I’m okay!” from outside. Even if his face was rather sore, it seemed his show of invincibility had convinced some people to be a little loose with their purse and as he walked back into the tent he saw many get to their feet to approach the collection box.


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