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    [Job/Kirahunter] Delivery Boy


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    [Job/Kirahunter] Delivery Boy Empty [Job/Kirahunter] Delivery Boy

    Post by Kirahunter 22nd October 2017, 8:21 pm

    Vorpal was running down the streets of Magnolia after fleeing a job gone horribly wrong. “Holy geez, who would’ve thought that the cat was the demon all along? Such a dumb cliche twist!” He was so quick to scram he didn’t even see the mail truck until he all but ran into it. He stopped just in time, “Hey why is this parked here?” It was parked in a real odd, half on, half off the road. The mailman jumped out of the driver’s cabin, “Sorry about that my engine is shot and I had to stop here.” The mail carrier looked exhausted Vorpal imagined he’d been hand delivering his parcels for awhile now. Vorpal took a step back, “I don’t suppose you need any help here?” The mail man shook his head, “I’ve already let the office know but a mechanic can’t be here for several hours and we need this mail out as soon as possible or people will start to make a real fuss.” Vorpal sized up the truck real quick, and reached into a bag on his waist, “Well I think I can help you out a bit.” The man’s face lit up, “Oh thank you, here let me get you some parcels and if we split up I’m sure we can hand deliver them quic-” “Not what I had in mind.”

    3 minutes later, Vorpal had tied a rope around the front of the mail truck and was pulling the entire thing down the street. Being literally made of steel he had little trouble pulling along the vehicle in neutral as the mail carrier scurried between the houses and the truck with the mail. It made for an awkward system, and arguably it would’ve been better to do it as the mail man initially suggested but it made Vorpal feel cool as hell. So with his grit on maximum he marched forward pulling his mail trolley along for all the good boys and girls expecting their mail. It wasn’t exactly fast going but they were making good consistent progress down the streets, and were actually drawing a bit of attention. Very rarely do you see a mail truck getting manually pulled down the street and apparently people thought they’d take a peek. While the mailman seemed embarrassed by the focus Vorpal was rather encouraged by it, the more people who gawked on the faster he found himself able to pull the truck. It took them about an hour but with just a little bit of crowd cheering and a bit of Vorpal gritting his teeth they were able to finish the mailman’s mail route and deliver all the mail. It was a glorious triumph for the mail delivering duo and they were received as conquering heroes back at the post office, for it seemed the story of their exploits traveled faster than their actual mail deliver did. Regardless, Vocal was tipped for his efforts and was able to return home and quickly forgot about the horrible job he had attempted just before this.


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