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    [Job/Kirahunter] Blood Drive


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    [Job/Kirahunter] Blood Drive Empty [Job/Kirahunter] Blood Drive

    Post by Kirahunter 22nd October 2017, 8:23 pm

    Down a street of the city that never sleeps Vorpal was on an unremarkable stroll. Very recently he had been released from his role as serving as the lock of a magical seal and had decided to take the time to enjoy his new found freedom before getting back to work. Without any intention of every arriving there the sentient sword man found himself standing in front of the Rose Garden city hospital. Naturally drawn to be a person of help he scanned over the building and discovered a sign in the window. He moved in closer to inspect the writing and found that there was a blood driving being held in the building and was open to volunteer help. Vorpal himself had no means of offering blood, being a sentient sword and all his “blood,” was under layers of magical steel and certainly wasn’t helpful to a normal human. However he was capable of helping out with some of the manual work and thus resolved to go in and help out if he could. As such the sacred sword swaggered into the building to quickly find it a field of hustle and bustle. The rooms and halls were packed with makeshift blood drawing stations and donors and workers shuffling every which way.

    He worked his way through the busy people and fumbled his way on over to a reception desk where he introduced himself as a volunteer to a middle aged woman at the desk. When asked for identification Vorpal tilted his head to the left and poked the Infinity Hydra tattoo on the right side of his neck showing his membership of a legal made’s guild. Understanding the symbol the lady sent him off to go help manage patients. Upon closer inspection of the area Vorpal realized the entire operation was divided into two areas, one one side a blood drawing station had been set up and on the other a dining center where donors were rewarded with a hot meal for donating blood. One of the nurses in charge of handling volunteers approached him and acquired about his talents. Vorpal considered this for half a second, he was not a gentle individual as he was a sentient weapon which he figured wasn’t a good detail to share to the nurse. Instead he made mention of his notable strength and durability, which seemed not to impress the nurse very much at all. Seeming more bothered than grateful she shoo’d him off to the kitchen far in the back where the meals were being prepared. Upon reaching the kitchen a short and angry looking chef demanded an explanation of what Vorpal was good for, to which he responded he could safely handle very hot things(as he was made of metal after all), and suddenly the angry little chef’s mood improved considerably. Vorpal was reasonably concerned.

    A few minutes later he found himself holding a large metal cauldron on his back Atlus style over a fire as a scraw cook on a stool prepared some meal inside the large pot. The pot was obnoxiously heavy and hot enough to even bother Vorpal’s metal skin. Apparently the large and important cauldron’s stand had been broken in the chaos of preparing for the blood drive, and so Vorpal was able to service the blood servicing as a glorified cauldron stand. It would be a very long and uncomfortable day, but hey, he helped people.


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