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    Post by Lilium 17th September 2017, 6:51 pm

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    Most of these days, Hikari was simply lounging in the guild hall, relaxing and reading whatever came in front of her on her iLac. It was usually on some kind of forum and she'd read what other people were up to, usually completely neglecting the fact that she should really be doing jobs at the moment. Slowly, her jewels drained to a halt and now, she couldn't really do anything regarding her iLac since a lot of things cost money nowadays. Especially art. There was lots of art that she enjoyed commissioning but those days were coming to an end because she needed to build up jewels to get it again. Sighing loudly, as the guild hall bustled with visitors, the holy mage walked her way over to the guild board, looking at simple jobs that she could do within the day. When one caught her eye. It was to help in the nearby hospital in Rose Garden. They hosted these blood drives every so often and they seemed simple to help out. Guide those to where they need to go and assist them after they donate. This should be child's play!

    After tearing down the poster and showing it to Izayuki, she quickly made her way over to the hospital, eager to get the job done. There was surprisingly a lot of people, she didn't expect this many people to be selfless donors. They had nothing really affecting them physically and here they were, becoming donors to less fortunate people who were suffering. It was quite beautiful seeing it. Hikari felt appreciation welling up inside of her as she looked at all these people surrounding her. Giving hearts and pure souls surrounding the Black Rose member a lot more eager to help out.

    Saying Hikari was helping out was a little bit of an understatement. She unintentionally took command of the blood drive by organizing it so that it was more efficient than ever. People were donating blood a lot quicker and it was ending up very organized afterwards with the volunteers and helpers chatting with the donors while they received the complimentary snacks and water so they don't feel faint after their donation. Hikari has been working non-stop, guiding people to the correct way and assisting them should they feel light-headed. She continued to maintain at top-efficiency while working so she was speaking to all the donors so that they were okay and how they were doing. A lot of them were happy to see the staff interacting with them so they left the hospital in high spirits. Hikari wiped the sweat off of her forehead, smiling at them. She had done good today and was legitimately happy with the fact that her work ethic hadn't faded. She was worried she had lost her flow. But, doing this job reaffirmed her that she still got it.

    After the blood drive had finished and the hospital was resuming its normal operations, Hikari walked up to the front desk to receive her reward. The receptionist was delighted to see her, thanking her for her work and that he had put in a good word with the Magic Council. However, his sentence ended suddenly. Wait. Was there no jewel reward.

    ...Well. Apparently, she hadn't read the flier properly. Now, all she had was a word with the council. There wasn't really much that came with that other than they know how hard she worked. Guess that art was going to have to wait for another day.


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