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    Kaori & Ashleen; Wanted! Demolitions Expert!; C Rank: Private Empty Kaori & Ashleen; Wanted! Demolitions Expert!; C Rank: Private

    Post by ○Kaori 2nd September 2017, 10:36 pm

    Kaori & Ashleen; Wanted! Demolitions Expert!; C Rank: Private Ukar8e11

    Kaori & Ashleen; Wanted! Demolitions Expert!; C Rank: Private Nviajx11

    Ikuchi had gone completely rigid when it was confirmed that Kaori had been there. "If the gods know any mercy... it will not be my master." he said in a hopeful, fear filled voice while forcing himself to pick up the child and continue walking back. He'd realized that by Kaori having to enter battle, he had failed his mission spectacularly. When he arrived to the pub and saw someone sitting alone that he'd never seen before, he figured it was his master exercising her clone spell.

    Kaori watched as Ashleen sat and got straight to business, but she had something to deal with first. She looked to Ikuchi, who was still carrying the little girl and once again, he went stiff as a board. "M-My lady, I-" "You failed the mission." Kaori said in a cold tone.
    Ikuchi: "But I disposed of-"
    Kaori: "What was your mission?"
    Ikuchi: "To... Kill the-"
    Kaori: "Wrong. That was her mission. I want to know what I assigned you to do."
    Ikuchi: "P-protect Miss Burke."
    Kaori: "Exactly. And what did you do?"
    Ikuchi: "Fight the demon."
    Kaori: "And what happened because you took on someone else's mission?"
    Ikuchi: "..."
    Kaori: "You should know better than to do other people's tasks, and because of your incompetence the target damn near died. What would you have done if she did!?"
    Ikuchi: "I... I apologize my lady."
    Kaori: "I'll deal with your punishment later. Get that child back home to get a physical and mental screening."
    Ikuchi: "Yes ma'am. I'd like to-"
    Kaori: "The longer you spend talking, the longer it takes for us to know she's not hurt. We'll talk later Iku."

    Ikuchi bowed to Kaori and exited the pub, returning to the arc to find the medical ward was built. Kaori turned to Ashleen with a rather unhappy expression. "As for you..." she said with a deep, threatening tone. "Nicely done." she said in a much softer, more relaxed tone. "You fought beyond your limits to protect that child, as well as survive. If you need a place to rest, or transportation overseas feel free to speak with 'Salty' on board the White Mermaid. The ship's docked at bay thirty-seven; let Salty know that the sun rises on fields of embers and he'll know who gave you permission to board." Kaori looked to the barmaid who bowed and came over with a glass of hot tea. "This restaurant is partially owned by me. Feel free to order anything you'd like, on the house." Kaori said with a calm voice, and a gentle smile on her face. Ashleen may or may not notice that as Kaori and her spoke, her various cuts and bruises, as well as the soreness in her muscles would begin fading away. Kaori had been using her magic to heal Ashleen as a means of helping her recover from the trip.

    Kaori had gotten up and said "You should get some rest. In a couple days I'll have Iku bring over a job notice. It's a bit different from the standard pet rescue and letter delivering that Lady Ceostra's new folk normally do, but I think you'll be fine. Iku will accompany you, so I have no worries for your safety." After which, Kaori walked to the other end of the pub, out the door, and vanished. In exactly two days, Ashleen would find a letter on her bed letting her know the details of the mission. When she came to the entrance to the guild hall, Ikuchi would be waiting on her.

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