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    The Queen's Treasury ▪ Gae Dearg

    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    The Queen's Treasury ▪ Gae Dearg Empty The Queen's Treasury ▪ Gae Dearg

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence 1st September 2017, 3:14 pm

    The Queen's Treasury ▪ Gae Dearg Latest?cb=20100803144556

    Name: Gae Dearg
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Spear
    Description: Gáe Dearg: Crimson Rose of Exorcism is a demonic scarlet spear two meter long that renders magical enhancements and projections useless by severing all ties with magical energy. It was passed down to the Heroic Spirit Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, given as a gift from his foster father, the druid Aengus Óg, and he normally keeps it wrapped in a talisman cloth to seal its abilities and keep it from revealing his identity. "Dearg" means red. Unlike most other Noble Phantasms, the abilities of the spear are passive in nature. It does not require its name to be called upon in order to be utilized, allowing it to instantly affect whatever it strikes.

    This weapon fell into Kitalpha’s hands after having received the blessing of the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, whose limitless treasury has been passed on to the next Queen of Heroes following in his footsteps. It’s original form has been recorded in the treasury once Gilgamesh owned it, and still exists within said dimension even though it has been passed to a new owner throughout history as a copy or ‘downgraded’ future form, as Gilgamesh calls it. It is not proven whether it is actually more potent than its currently existing counterparts, as they’ve never clashed before.


    • Belongs to Kitalpha’s treasury and as such will always return when she recalls them to their realm.


    • Any weapon belonging to Kitalpha’s treasury can be used by whomever once they are summoned, including enemies.
    • Cannot permanently gift this weapon to someone else as long as she owns it, as it cannot go any further than 300 meters from Kitalpha.

    Abilities: N/A



    The Queen's Treasury ▪ Gae Dearg Empty Re: The Queen's Treasury ▪ Gae Dearg

    Post by Guest 1st September 2017, 5:27 pm

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