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    A Giant Gingerbread Man?! (Solo/Job)


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    A Giant Gingerbread Man?! (Solo/Job) Empty A Giant Gingerbread Man?! (Solo/Job)

    Post by Tuesday 19th August 2017, 3:15 pm

    Dradli wandered through the streets, enjoying the warm sun shining against her skin. It was her first day off in a while, and she was planning to relax and enjoy herself. Earlier this morning, she had stopped at a local café for a small breakfast and a large coffee. The barista happened to be very cute too, which was a plus. After that, she stopped by a small gift shop in the middle of town, her crippling weakness for anything cute causing her to leave with several trinkets that she really didn’t need at all. Now, she calmly strolled through the streets, her bag of trinkets swaying in the breeze. “I haven’t been this calm in a long time” she sighed, closing her eyes slightly, enjoying the peace and quiet. “HELP. PLEASE HELP ME!” a sudden scream resounded from the entrance to the town. “Well… That didn’t last very long, did it?” Dradali mumbled, beginning to run towards the woman in distress. “What’s the matter, ma’am?! Has something happened?” Dradali inquired, worriedly. “You’re not going to believe this… But… There is a giant gingerbread man… Stomping around outside of town… And he keeps singing about the muffin man!” the woman stuttered, out of breath from running so fast. ‘This woman must be crazy…’ Dradali thought to herself. “Where is this gingerbread man exactly?” she asked, looking around the town in front of her. “OHHHHHHH, do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man?” a loud, booming voice bellowed from behind Dradali. The woman extended a shaking finger, pointing behind Dradali. She slowly turned around to see a giant gingerbread man standing at the entrance of the village.

    She stared in awe at the horrific creature. It was a giant, walking cookie. “I know that magic is commonplace in Fiore… But A GIANT GINGERBREAD MAN?!” Dradali exclaimed, leaving the woman and running towards the guards at the entrance, who were trying to fend the sugary monster off. “Do you guys need any help?!” she questioned, looking up at the monster, who was shoving himself closer and closer to the village. “Yes! That would be helpful!” one of the guards yelped. “W-Well… Can’t we just eat it?! I mean, it’s a cookie!” Dradali stuttered, pacing. “This thing would crush us if we tried to do that! We need to break it up first! Now would you stop pacing and help?!” the same guard shouted. “O-Okay. Think Dradali… Think…” she mumbled to herself. “Everyone, move out of the way! Let me handle this thing!” Everyone moved quickly behind her, not wanting to argue. “Ice Dragon Lance!” she shouted. As she said this, ice began to form around her arm, creating an extremely sharp lance. “Ice Dragon Stilts!” she yelled in succession. Incredibly tall pillars of ice began to form beneath her feet, launching her into the air. As she leaped towards the King of Cavities, she drew her large lance backwards, preparing to thrust it into the monster’s frosting eye. Her strike was right on target, causing her lance to get lodged into the sticky frosting. “Oh shoot…” she grimaced, dangling from the gingerbread man’s face. ‘What am I supposed to do now… I ruined my cool façade’ she thought to herself, mentally facepalming. She used all the force she could muster, and kicked herself away from the monster, causing her to become loose. As she fell to the ground, she yelled “Ice Dragon Breath!” The ice shrapnel that flew from her mouth tore open many holes in the gingerbread giant’s body, causing it to fall along with her. She closed her eyes and prepared herself for the impact with the ground. When the impact came, it wasn’t as painful as she was expecting… It was almost… “Fluffy?” she exclaimed, looking down to see what she had landed on. It was one of the gingerbread terror’s marshmallow buttons. “Well that was convenient” Dradali giggled, taking a chunk of the marshmallow with her left hand and shoving it in her mouth. “Wow! That was incredible!” one of the guards cheered, grabbing Dradali’s hand and pulling her up. “Haha… Thanks. I guess you could say I was in a bit of a sticky situation…” she said, looking at her lance that was covered in icing still. “I should probably clean that off before I melt the ice off of my arm” she noted, before looking up at the guard with a radiant smile. “Come on! We need to share this gingerbread with the rest of the town! I’m sure they would enjoy it!” she gushed, running to the center of the village to call everyone out of their shops and homes. “Hey everybody! Free gingerbread! Come on! There’s plenty for us all to share!” she laughed, waving her arm about. All of the people of Oak Town had a fantastic and sweet feast together that day. All thanks to the giant gingerbread man.

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    A Giant Gingerbread Man?! (Solo/Job) UBtJMoH

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