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    A runaway..Gingerbread? (solo;job)


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    A runaway..Gingerbread? (solo;job) Empty A runaway..Gingerbread? (solo;job)

    Post by Rosabell on 25th June 2018, 2:52 pm

    Today was a surprisingly normal day for Rosabell, she wasn't distracting hordes of people, finding ancient relics or idols, she wasn't even socializing with anyone. Today she was simply walking through the forest and enjoying the fresh air like any normal civilian would, of course that was until she saw a brown blur speed past her, and somehow the faint smell of gingerbread filled her nose. Her mouth immediately began to water, she hadn't had ginger bread in so long and she suddenly had a craving, a craving that she needed to sate, and whatever this thing was- it had the ability to satisfy her itch for ginger bread.

    However before she could give chase two men suddenly bumped into her nearly making her fall flat on her face, of course she immediately whirled around ready to knock some sense into some fools who thought they could push her down. She was surprised to find that they seemed completely out of breath, and wearing...chef outfits? Maybe they could whip her something up as recompense for not only bumping into her, but making her lose her delicious gingerbread prey. Deciding to lighten her glare a bit, she would talk to the duo in a neutral tone. "So what's got you stooges running a marathon?"

    They looked at each other for a moment as if deciding whether to tell her or not, before the more portly one spoke up. "There's an uhh..magical gingerbread on the loose..and we're trying to stop it. I offered to pay my lad here a thousand jewel if he could do the deed, but as you can see..we're simply not fast enough to do the job."

    Rosabell's eyes immediately lit up, the slitted pupils suddenly turning into dollar signs. Before the chef could even blink she was suddenly shaking his hand with fervor, not only did she get to taste mystical magic gingerbread but she also got paid for tasting the mystical magic gingerbread. This day couldn't have gotten any better! "Mr. Chef you've got yourself the deal of a lifetime! Your good ol' friend Rosabell just so happens to be a capable mage, so just sit tight and I'll fetch that troublemaker no problem! He might not be..intact though."

    Before the man would even have time to reply she was off, activating her Maw of Fenrir takeover and creating an Ice Wolf, she was gonna catch that little devil, and she was gonna eat him whether he liked it or not. It didn't take long to catch up with the speeding gingerbread man, her sights settling upon him like a crosshair on a gun. Activating her wings of Quetzalcoatl and her Arms of Fenrir she took off the ground, she succesfuly sped up to being right next to the pastry and slapping him towards the ground with a clawed hand, watching in satisfaction as her wolf caught it in its mouth, shaking it around for good measure.  

    Happy that her job was done and the gingerbread was successfully trapped, she descended to the ground and walked up the Gingerbread chewtoy, happy to see that it was still alive and screaming some strange machinations about a muffin man. Grabbing him with sharp claws she pulled him out of her mouth of her wolf, dismissing him with a wave of her hand, before pulling the Gingerbread man up to eye level, anxiously licking her lips as the man screamed more warning about a muffin man. Then without any hesitation she popped the creature into her mouth, making sure to leave a leg for proof later on.

    She sat in silence for a moment thoughtfully chewing the mystical creature before shrugging and slowly walking back in the direction of dumb and dumber. It seemed magical gingerbread didn't taste that different afterall.

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