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    Gingerbread Snack (Job, Solo)

    Samira Nassar
    Samira Nassar

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    Gingerbread Snack (Job, Solo) Empty Gingerbread Snack (Job, Solo)

    Post by Samira Nassar 16th August 2017, 10:25 am

    Job Description:

    It was soon to be noon when the celestial spirit mage known as Samira Nassar made her way out of Lamia Scale’s guild hall and onto the streets of Hargeon Town. If one thing ever got her to actually move during her study time it was food. She was very much unlike others that got so caught up in their studies or work that they forgot to eat or just refused to do so. Whenever her stomach rumbled she immediately answered by filling it up with a snack or a meal. While it was generally unhealthy to skip meals she wasn’t exactly health conscious by any means. The feeling of hunger was just uncomfortable and she saw no reason to force herself to ignore it. It would have saved time if someone in the guild could of just delivered some food to her on a silver platter, but she had already taken advantage of that to the point they would let her starve before acting as a magical waiter or waitress. No matter. A quick snack was all that was required and then she could get back to her original task.

    Due to it being the time of day most people go out for lunch, the air was filled with all sorts of food smells, mostly that of seafood due to the town being the best place for that particular type of dish. It was not what Samira wanted however and, as she bypassed many cafes and restaurants, the young woman made her way to a local sweet shop that sold many types of cakes, cookies, and pastries. Something sweet was what she desired and that something sweet was what she was going to get. She entered the small sweet shop and quietly started to look around. At that particular moment she was the only customer within the shop and aside from a welcome when she entered the lone employee on the sales floor left her alone so she could have time to look over the pastry goods.

    It was unfortunate she could not afford to buy the entire stock the shop held nor could she eat it all before it spoiled anyhow. Knowing that did not make deciding any easier. Her mind went into a chaotic mess of indecision and even her hands made it halfway to grab onto a cake or wrapped cookie before being pulled back. Before long, even her celestial spirits were offering their opinions on the matter. If they were not so important to her she would of left the keys back in her room just to avoid the intrusion into her mind.

    ‘I say go for the carrot cake. Your Guild Master likes carrots right? Maybe she’ll give you a sticker or something.’

    ‘That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard! Go for the red velvet.’

    ‘Muffins are an excellent snack. I place my vote on one of those. Any flavor will do.’


    ‘I still say my carrot cake idea is better.’

    ‘You’re not even suggesting it for the taste but as a way to gain favor! Just keep quiet!’

    ‘What’s wrong with a little favor?’

    ‘Chocolate ice cream for me!’

    ‘Are you fools really arguing over sweets?‘


    It was hard to ignore the voices playing in her head and she really did not want to hear the whining of the others if she chose something one recommended. She had to go for something different. It was then what looked to be a small man shaped cookie ran out of the kitchen in the back, through the sales floor, and made it out an open window all the while screaming in a high pitched voice about a muffin man. Curious. A man wearing a typical baker’s outfit ran out of the kitchen also yelling about a muffin man but going into detail about him sneaking the magical walking talking cookie into his bakery.

    “Is it dangerous?” Samira inquired as she walked towards the window and peeked out to see the small gingerbread man screaming and running wildly through the streets. “Huh? Nah. I don’t think there’s any actual violent magic in it besides annoying the hell out of me!” From what the man said Samira could have just let the cookie go on its way since it was not a danger to society. However, a serious look was on her face for some reason.

    She left the store without buying anything and calmly walked over to the gingerbread man, who was bouncing around in front of a bench trying to make the people sitting on the wooden piece of furniture understand some nonsense about the infamous muffin man. He was just about to take off to a new gathering of people when Samira reached down and grabbed onto the cookie while it was distracted. The living cookie squirmed and demanded to be released from her grasp. The young woman did what any child would do when given a treat in such a shape; she bit its head off and began to chew.

    ‘Did…did you just bite the little guy’s head off?’

    ‘Forget about that! It was a cookie. I am more concerned about the fact she ate it after it had been on the ground!’

    ‘Wait, you’re right! Ewww.’

    All of the spirits had suddenly lost their appetite and desire to debate on what was the best sweet treat. Samira’s mind was now in silence as she began to munch on the rest of the cookie. Mission accomplished.

    (Word Count: 915)


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