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    Picking up a Passport (Job)


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    Picking up a Passport (Job) Empty Picking up a Passport (Job)

    Post by Mitsuo 29th July 2017, 12:28 am

    To Earthland...And Beyond!:

    Clouds rolled over the buildings of the town of Hargeon and the sounds of birds and wind off of the water were being masked by the screaming of children and the men and women who were trying to control them. Young Mitsuo Takahashi ran his fingers through his long blonde hair, wiping it out from in front of his eyes as he looked towards the long line of people who were waiting to get themselves passports. He was shocked at the amount of people who were travelling, noticing a handful of wizards, but also several people who simply wanted to travel for whatever reason. It was interesting to see the different people milling about their lives, and how many of them got by without magic, something that Mitsuo couldn’t even imagine doing these days. As he stood in the line he pondered living such a life, trying to imagine what it would be like to not have his magic to help him through all kinds of different situations.

    As he became absorbed in his thoughts, he felt someone bump into him from behind, telling him that he should pay better attention to his surroundings. Mitsuo looked around, the person behind him being completely covered and wearing a mask. It was an odd thing to see, but this was clearly the man who had tried to confront the young wizard. Mitsuo didn’t want to cause any trouble, and he decided instead that he would simply keep his mouth shut and look forward, quickly apologizing first and making his way towards the stand. He hated standing in lines, and he was sure that had he wanted too he could have found a way to cut the line, but at the same time he imagined many of the people here could have done the same if they had wanted too, and it seemed as though they weren’t doing that either. He bit his lower lip and rolled his eyes to the heavens as he proceeded to wait and slowly inch his way towards the front of the line like everyone else.

    By the time he finally made it, the person sitting behind the counter looked quite tired. Mitsuo wasn’t surprised by this, noticing that the woman had been there since he had gotten into the line and he imagined that she had been there far longer than that. He smiled and nodded to her, pulling the papers that he had brought to get his passport out of his coat.

    “Hello there. I need your identification card, your proof of residence, and if you are in a guild I need to see the mark you have from joining them. I’ll cross reference it with our database to make sure that you’re not in a dark guild and if that is the case I’ll give you your passport.” Her voice was calm and the words sounded quite hollow, as though she had said this several times already, which of course he knew she had. He handed her the required papers and showed her the back of his hand where the teal coloured Fairy Tail symbol was. She saw the fairy and raised one eyebrow before checking her database, nodding and bringing a stamp out with a small booklet. She filled out his information and stamped it before having him sign the bottom and then handed it to him. “Have a nice day sir, and enjoy your travels.”

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