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    Hoshi no Tama (星乃玉)


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    Completed Hoshi no Tama (星乃玉)

    Post by Itori 20th July 2017, 8:23 pm

    Hoshi no Tama

    Strong (+)


    The Spirit Orb of a Kitsune, the Hoshi no Tama is a mass of spiritual energy condensed and compressed to the point of behaving like a semi-physical object, although even so it will still hover mid-air and follow the owner around. It looks a lot like what it actually is, a sphere in which mystical energy swirls.

    The owner can make it look like a normal ball, mostly for when they don't want to stand out.


    • It's effectively weightless in its undisguised form.
    • If not disguised it'll automatically follow the Kitsune around unless someone else takes it from her.
    • The fact that it can easily be disguised as a normal ball means it's easy to hide as something unimportant.


    • It stands out a lot when not disguised.
    • While it will follow the Kitsune around by default others can grab it and thus take 'ownership' of it (although it still effectively is the Kitsune's orb).
    • If disguised it no longer hovers and gains a weight, so the Kitsune will have to actually carry it about.
    • Those who know the legend of the Kitsune's Hoshi no Tama might try to steal such a powerful magical object.

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    Hoshi no Tama (星乃玉) HdAc9DB

    Completed Re: Hoshi no Tama (星乃玉)

    Post by Guest 23rd July 2017, 4:56 pm


    Hoshi no Tama (星乃玉) 6frJJtL

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