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    Snowflakes Falling In July:; Fruki Job.  Empty Snowflakes Falling In July:; Fruki Job.

    Post by Pandora 24th May 2017, 10:41 am

    695 words of 9,000 words.
    A delicate finger traces patterns on a large chest in an idle manner, the expression of the woman who committed the actions being one between confusion and content. Frey was still very much trying to figure out what she had done and not just in sense of she had committed acts foreign to her the night before. What mostly consumed Frey's mind as she let her finger travel down his arm was the fact that she had even come here at all. He hadn't believed who she was, punished himself over not being able to protect her, it was his own fault because she had told him once who she was and he just hadn't believed her because of the way she had changed by her mother's side. Yet instead of leaving him to slowly fade away because his self-induced depression at the false thought of her being dead? She had risked raising his ire again, risked her own life to return to seek him out, find his home and convince him that he was wrong, that she was just fine, he hadn't failed. Everything she knew about herself said this was something far out of character for her, the young girl knew that she was selfish, she had never cared about being such a person before because a princess had the right to be selfish. Yet, she had acted with a selfless intent outside of her family last night. Frey moved to intertwine the finger's of her small hand with his larger hand, her knee's pulled up to her chest the blanket she had wrapped around herself after squirming from his grasp ruffling with her in place fidgeting.

    He had been so weak last night and even though she could see the steady rise and fall of his chest, feel his breath and heartbeat when she placed her palm against his chest, she was still worried. "Come on wake up already-" she didn't know what to call the brown haired man she stared down at, she had known him as Raijin for some time now but Miva had called him yazuki earlier and the exceed may just know his name better than herself. The girl gripped his hand tightly as she kept considering what she had done trying to ignore the three cause soreness in her own body. Honestly? Frey didn't want to be sitting up right now, considering last night, then the fact she had been waterlogged and grown once more her earthen body was incredibly sore and barely responded to the commands of her brain. Part of her just wanted to lay here all day with him, but she had already sat up, plus there was a major issue they needed to address! Light green hair moved as she fidgeted again, lifting the hand she had taken into her own and realizing how heavy it was, wondering if she was really that small compared to other people.  Nah, she was a princess, she was supposed to be dainty otherwise it would be hard to protect her, this was good; If only she knew what had led her to be here right now in the first place, but that was secondary.

    "Wake Up, You're Keeping Me Waiting!" there was the selfish princess again, maybe he would respond better to that, her emerald optics narrowed slightly, carefully positioned so her savage skull guild mark was visible to him. If he didn't see her as who she was, as Frey, and didn't also see the mark that showed she had simply gone and joined her mother's guild? He might believe he had been dreaming about her being alright. The last thing either of them needed, was him trying to kill her once more for mocking Frey when she was Frey! "Please? Come on, this is uncomfortable, I don't have anything that fits me anymore and I can't do anything about that on my own, wake up." she was actually slightly embarrassed now being wrapped in the blanket but nude besides for it, she had been unable to get back into her dress most of her body now too filled out for the child's garment.



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