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    Frostbite and Snowflakes

    Dia Izuna
    Dia Izuna

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    Frostbite and Snowflakes Empty Frostbite and Snowflakes

    Post by Dia Izuna 9th January 2020, 10:53 am

    Winter was overrated. Belladonna knew a particular friend that would argue that point with her to the moon and back, but she was quite convinced that her stance was reasonable. If not for her magic power that protected her from inclement weather, she would have outright hated the season, what with the incessant cold, runny noses, snowstorms... Did people consider how difficult it was to wade through three feet of snow? The only reason all those points were insufficient to destroy any shred of goodwill towards the season was because of magic.

    Magic was what brought her here, as a matter of fact. Rose Garden, highly reputed for having so many arcane thingamabobs, must be rather special looking this time of the year. From the areas beyond the city, she could see the scintillating sights and merry music wafted through the air. This was what she needed to keep her spirits high. She proceeded towards the city, then stopped.

    There was a strange malevolence that hung in the air, pervading the forest she had walked through. She had to admit now that it had been there all this while, but she had paid it little heed because it had not been as acute as it was now. Belladonna sighed. Just when she thought she would have a day full of fun and little else. Her Right Eye of the Mind informed her that something was coming. It was small, and had no problems creeping about unnoticed... no, there was another one, then three more... and even more! She focused on them and realized that they were scorpions, but something was a bit off about them. they seemed crystalline, like they were made of ice, and they oozed of the malevolence. She could count ten of them, making their way towards her.

    "I don't have the time for this..." she said to herself, as she drew in a breath and exhaled in the direction of the scorpions, when they had gotten close. A corrosive vapor left her lips and swept over the critters, obliterating them instantly. Then she tilted her head slightly to the left, as a spear sailed right by her cheek. Catching it in a heartbeat, she spun on her heel and threw it back towards her assailant. It was an ice elemental, springing out of the herbage, as the spear met it in the chest. It had no effect on the ice construct, which ran towards her, another pointy spear forming in its hand.

    As it approached with a lunge, she kicked the spear aside, grabbed it by the neck and hurled it with all her might against a tree. No sooner had it collided with the trunk than she already stood before it, lifting a sandaled foot to savagely smash its face against the wood. The elemental's head shattered, and it went limb, breaking apart as it fell. Behind her, but not too close, two more elementals appeared, their spears held at the ready.

    "Warm..." one of them hissed. "Blot it out!"

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