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    The Seven Weapons of Sin: Pride, The Date(Multi-Part)


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    The Seven Weapons of Sin: Pride, The Date(Multi-Part) Empty The Seven Weapons of Sin: Pride, The Date(Multi-Part)

    Post by Cirven on 9th May 2017, 8:16 pm

    The Date/Pride

    Name: The Date/Seven Weapons of Sin, Pride
    Rank: Artifact
    Type: Multi Part Weapon, Nodachi/Long Katana(Artifact+ weapon, Artifact item and Legendary+ weapon)

    Description: The Date is a well designed nodachi or long katana that was made by humans with the help of a God to give them abilities so that they could have the power to fight against other Gods who had either fallen or were evil like the other Seven Weapons of Sin. The Date is the Seven Weapons of Sin blade, Pride and like the others it has its own entity that is inside of it that communicates with the user telepathically or outward from the blade when it wants to. It can be silenced by putting the blade into its scabbard though. The entity can possess those who it deems not worthy to use the weapon and if so will make them kill and destroy things for fun. The entity also follows its pride sin meaning that it has a personality that is very prideful. The Date, like the other Seven Weapons of Sin, is made of a metal that the Gods gave for human's to craft with and was endued with the abilities through that metal.

    The Date is a weapon of great power on its own right but Cirven can push that power even further with combining it with the left overs of his old weapon in the form of a magical item, Irritum. Cirven found that the Irritum combined itself with the god-slaying nodachi and another blade as if it they were missing parts of each other. The fusion of the powers gave the Date new abilities.

    The Date is a 3 ft nodachi that looks like this and has a blue and black scabbard. The unique design makes it hard to miss and the expert craftsmanship makes it so it is even harder to miss by blacksmiths.

    - The Date gives the user the ability to cut through anything and damage them. This means any entity can be damaged by the blade no matter if they are tangible or not.
    - The Date deals more damage than a weapon of its rank.
    - The Date can deal damage that cannot be healed for a time.

    - If the user drops the Date while it is out of its scabbard the user's arms will become paralyzed for two posts.
    - The Date is a close ranged weapon even though it is longer than most other blades.
    - If deemed not worthy the Date will possess the user and make them destroy and kill for fun.
    - The Date comes with a entity that can possibly annoy the user and make them not want to wield the blade much.

    RP Abilities
    Many Faces:

    With the Date's fusion with Irritum it has been given the ability to allow the user to change its form into anything they please. This means the user can make the weapon change into a accessory to hide what it really is or to even change into a person or thing. The user controls how the weapon acts while in its other forms also. This can only be used for RP purposes and the entity inside of the Date could ruin the hidden forms for the user.

    Dimensional Pocket:

    The Date's new form has allowed it to have its own dimensional pocket where the user can hold things. This area cannot hold any living things when closed due to lack of air among other things but can be accessed by living things while open. The user can hold up to 5 things around the size of a mid sized box in this pocket. Only can be used for RP purposes.


    If the Date is ever broken it will regenerate itself after the thread due to the power it possesses.


    Wound Boost:

    Name: Wound Boost
    Rank: A
    Duration: 6 posts
    Cooldown: 7 posts
    Description: The Date is based on the sin of pride and because of this the user can damage his enemies and gain a boost to their own capabilities for a short time. After damaging an enemy the user will be have his speed and strength increased by 30% for a limited time.
    - Increases the user's speed and strength after damaging an enemy.
    - This spell can only be used for one attack at a time.
    - The attack must involve the Date to take advantage of this spell.
    - the buffs given only affect the user.

    Dimension Leap:

    Name: Dimension Leap
    Rank: S
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: The user is able to summon up a dimensional portal in front of them and near an enemy which allows for the attacks the user has to be sent directly through the portal near them to the enemies allowing the user a ranged way of hurting an enemy or sending something. The portals compensate for what attack is planned to be sent for their size.

    - Gives the user a ranged way of attacking or sending something.
    - Can be used quickly to defend against an attack and send it somewhere else as long as it is S-rank or lower.
    - The portals can reach up to around 100 meters away from the user.

    - The enemy can use the portals against the user.
    - An H-rank attack cannot be sent through the portals.
    - Things can only be sent through the portals and cannot stay inside of them.
    - The portals can only send one attack or thing at a time.


    Name: Omnislash
    Rank: S
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: The user can use the Date to cut through anything and this ability shows the full extent of that. The user uses the Date to quickly and powerfully cut through an enemy, object or spell projectile attack swiftly. If used on an enemy or object they/it will take S-rank spell damage and if used on a spell projectile attack the projectile will be dispersed/destroyed if it is S-rank or lower.

    - Allows the user to use a quick and powerful slashing attack.
    - This attack can be used to disperse or destroy a spell projectile attack of S-rank or lower without it taking damage from doing so.
    - This ability requires the user to be able to close in on their enemy or let an attack near them.
    - H-rank projectile spells will not be affected by this attack and only put the user in danger.
    - H-rank spells will damage the blade if this ability is used against them.


    Name: Severance
    Rank: S
    Duration: 2-3 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: The user holds the Date while charging up magical energy into it for 2-3 posts. Then the user releases the power they have stored by cutting the Date through the air and sending out a nearly invisible shockwave attack that takes on the passives of the Date. The shockwave is at max 25 meters wide and travels a max of 100 meters at 50 m/s. This attack can deal x1.5 its rank in damage for holding the charge for 2 posts or 2x for 3 posts. While charging up the user cannot use any other spells unless they are actives and were activated before this spell.

    - This ability has the potential to do massive damage.
    - The shockwave sent out takes on the passives of the Date.
    - The shockwave sent out is huge and can hit multiple enemies.

    - This ability will only hit those in front of the user.
    - This ability takes 2-3 turns to charge.
    - The user cannot use any other spells for the duration of the charge time.
    - Even though this spell's damage having the possibility of being so high it will still lose in a spell clash against an H-rank spell.



    The Date can damage anything with its attacks meaning that anything can be cut by it and the blade also deals 50% more damage than the regular weapon of its rank.

    Absolute Power:

    The Date's damage cannot be healed, prevented or reflected.


    The Seven Weapons of Sin: Pride, The Date(Multi-Part) LxcTBIi
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    The Seven Weapons of Sin: Pride, The Date(Multi-Part) Empty Re: The Seven Weapons of Sin: Pride, The Date(Multi-Part)

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