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    Shen's 80 Weapons Storage Part Two!


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    Shen's 80 Weapons Storage Part Two!

    Post by Shen on 29th May 2017, 11:52 am

    Ca-Elumic Shuriken:
    Name: Ca-Elumic Shuriken
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Collapsible Throwing Star (Shuriken)
    Description: Resembling the Demon Wind Shuriken, this product serves its purpose well; a collapsible shuriken with six bended blades, throwable and able to reach as long as spells of his rank. It can also return to the user after being thrown like a boomerang.
    1. It reaches longer than his limbs, so it helps him to do longer-ranged attacks.

    1. Any metal slayer finds this delicious.
    2. It doesn’t reach too long.

    Hunting Spear:
    Name: Hunting Spear
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Collapsible spear
    Description: A collapsible, throwable spear made of several layers of thin metal. Perfect for a relaxing hunt day. When collapsed, it’s ½ meter long, and when unleashed, it’s 1 meter long.
    1. It can both be used in melee and long-range by being thrown.

    1. Metal Slayers. Need I say more? (they can clearly eat this weapon and thus remove it from the thread or day… or until Shen builds one again)
    2. It often leaves Shen open if used on melee range.

    Name: Smoke-Bomb
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Bomb (Magic Item)
    Description: A small capsule-like item that can be thrown. It contains a concentrated handful of
    Strengths: ( List the all the strengths of the armor/item itself )

    1. They don’t damage the target at all, but functions only as a distraction.
    2. They can also be consumed by metal slayers, even though they’ll end up with a lot of harmless smoke in their mouths.
    Smoke!: Once every 3 posts, the user can throw out a capsule on a surface in a range of 15 meters around himself. From the point where it lands and out to a range of 10 meters length and 5 meters height only, a fog will consume the area and cut off the way to see each other if being inside this fog. It’ll only last for a post.

    Bended Daggers:
    Name: Bended Daggers
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Dagger
    Description: A small dagger with a pretty bended blade. It’s suitable for a finishing blow on a prey, but it can also serve well during combat. The bended blade can efficiently be thrown like a shuriken as well.
    1. Its size is efficient to surprise the opponent with.

    1. It can also be eaten by any metal slayer.
    2. It doesn’t reach as long as a proper long-range weapon like the spear and shuriken.

    Name: ( What's the name of the armor/item? )
    Rank: (Weak/Strong/Strong(+)/Legendary/Legendary(+)/Artifact/Artifact(+)
    Type: ( Glove/necklace etc)
    Description: ( What it looks like. A picture should suffice, but make sure to put it in a spoiler. )
    Strengths: ( List the all the strengths of the armor/item itself )
    Weaknesses: ( List all of its weaknesses of the armor/item itself )



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