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    Taste of unfortunate jealousy


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    Taste of unfortunate jealousy Empty Taste of unfortunate jealousy

    Post by Kuro 25th April 2017, 2:51 pm

    Taste of unfortunate jealousy Noname1

    Marianna Guildless D-Rank

    Every mortal would be embraced by death eventually. Their lifespan was so short compared to the one of Vampires, it was almost laughable. Difference so drastic that it almost made Marianna indifferent to when they would die. A century was but a blink of an eye to Elder vampire, if they so desired. So what exactly was the difference between human dying 50 years later or earlier than they would have otherwise. There really wasn't that much of a difference to beasts such as this vampire.

    She was ordered to kill someone. She did not care who it was, for as long as there was some benefit for her, she would do it regardless of her target. So here she was, walking through Oak Town in the middle of a night once more. But there was one difference to her usual form. There was no heavy leather coat hiding her from the outside world. Only the midnight blue armor she always hid beneath it. Infused with magic and made out of materials that could not be found in this world, the outfit was truly a work of art on it's own.

    She already had a plan that she wished to follow, one that would allow her to dispose of this Miss Cooper. It was actually quite unusual for the girl to have already set in stone plan that she wanted to follow until the very end. There was usually no need to have a plan that needed to be followed, as nothing could truly pose such a danger to the girl. Even decisions made in the spur of a moment were generally enough to deal with it all. And when it came down to it, everything bad could always be cut down with the bloodied sword too.

    Especially since her target was a completely ordinary human that could probably not even fight back. Human weakness, it often disgusted the vampire. Maybe it was before she was to kill a female? Oh, she adored human females. They were quite delicious indeed. And it was so much fun teasing them as well, hearing their pleas when they tried to cling to their life in such despair. Would today be no different from those times? Most likely, yes. Once you live long enough, all will simple start repeating over and over again.

    The mundane becoming even more forgettable, yet you remember it thousand times over when you see it again. An unfortunate fate fo those who did not boast a finite lifespan. The thought forced a mild sigh out of Marianna as she approached her target's home. A regular wooden building with pots and flowers adorning it's front windows and perch. Well, it actually made things somewhat easier. Tripping over her own legs, the vampire fell into the pots, easily smashing them with thundering noise that could wake even the deaf.

    And in few moments, the doors opened. In the wooden frame, a lovely lady in plain dress stood. Looking at her like this, it was impossible to tell that she already had many years of life behind her. The young visage accompanied by long and luster brown hair, skin still soft and clean. No wonder other mortals of this village liked her so much, even the vampire found her appearance quite satisfactory to gaze upon.

    "Oh dear, are you alright, miss?"

    Noticing Marianna laying in the broken ceramic pieces, Miss Cooper would quickly rush to her side and spot drops of blood beneath the girl's body. It was quite dark outside, so she did not even question the fact that it's color was pitch black either. Helping Marianna up, she made sure that the lass in her hands was stable before they started a small walk back inside of the house. Despite her property being broken, she still wanted to help. Truly, a kind woman.

    "A..ah... where am I? Where is this...?"

    Speaking out in clear confusion, Marianna would play the role as a seemingly very lost girl who could not even stand on her own feet. If it was show well performed, she did not know. But it was clearly good enough to her target to lower her guard, not that there was any reason to have it up in the first place with place being this peaceful. Examining the small cut wounds that the vampire had on her cheek and hands, the woman sighed in relief.

    "Thank goodness, it's nothing serious. Wait here, I'll go get something that will help us get those wounds cleaned and dressed!"

    A warm and kind voice. But it could not reach the depths of insanity and darkness that lied deep within the vampire girl. As soon as Miss Cooper left the room, the cold killer moved silently after her. Through a small corridor and into the bathroom, the woman and wife would soon be no longer. With a gleam in the darkness, she bore her fangs and in a moment's notice, they were buried in the pulsing flesh. Warmth. It filled Marianna as she sucked out every last drop.

    Wheezing and jerking around, her target could not resist. But the vampire had at least some emotions still inside of her. Miss Cooper did not have to suffer, a strange venom quickly filling her body. Pleasure exchanged for pain, sweat going down the skin that gradually grew colder. How did it feel to know you're dying, yet it feels better than anything you've felt in your life until now? That addictive pleasure filling every single fiber of your being at once.

    Like thousands of silken hands, caressing her all over her body with the heavenly touch of angels and demons. There was no escaping it for her anymore, drool escaping between her lips and running down her chin. Drenched in her own bodily fluids, yet devoid of the most important one inside of her, she would soon fall down motionless. Only a drained corpse remained as Marianna wiped some of the blood from her lips. She was filled.

    Lust for blood could not easily be sated. At least when one did not want to slaughter it's victim like this. It was a practice of many vampires that this one knew. Every creature tasted unique to some extend. So when you would find your absolute favorite, you should keep it and not suck it dry right away. Like a constantly refilling glass of perfect wine, they had to keep an eye out on how much was left. And while this woman did taste good, she was ordered dead. What a shame truly, for if it was enough for her to simply disappear, then maybe Marianna would have considered keeping her as her own 'pet'.

    Although there was no doubt that she would eventually find her own favorite, someone she could keep just for herself. It was but a matter of time, something that the vampire had just about infinite amount of. Shame that this tender moment had to be interrupted by sounds of creaking wood, as someone's feet pressed against the boards that formed stairs leading up to the second floor where bedroom was. The night was otherwise silent and the girl's senses reigned supreme in such moments. So as soon as another sound drew close, the vampire was on a move.

    "Honey, what's going on? Did you find out what was the noise?"

    Man's noise was carried throughout the house, probably the woman's dear partner in life. But he could only find her corpse with time, as a open window creaked in the other room. A single bat was flying around the city now, then away from it as her contract was fulfilled. Surely the story of a blood sucking monster would run rampant through the city from now on. But she did not care, for she should be feared. The Eldritch should be always feared.

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