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    Out of Water, Fairy Tail to the Rescue


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    Out of Water, Fairy Tail to the Rescue  Empty Out of Water, Fairy Tail to the Rescue

    Post by Haru-senpai 24th April 2017, 5:01 pm

    Job Sheet:

    As Hera stood with a huge crowd of people arguing with one another, in the middle of a village in the desert. She actually got an anime sweatdrop over her head. This place was in the middle of nowhere. Not owned by one of the Three Sultans of Desierto, the place was pretty run down.

    With their water well run dry, it was time to move to survive. There was an oasis they knew of; but it was 200 miles away. In desperation, they dispatched an emassary to Fairy Tail. Who barely made it through the Forgotten Desert, the same one they were in now. He was currently in Magnolia Town, at the Hospital there. He had nearly died from dehydration and headaches by the time he'd arrived there.

    As Hera watched them argue with one another, about how they'd never make it. She finally had enough, and let out an almighty "HEY!" at the top of her lungs, as her head actually caught on fire briefly from being so irritated. Causing the entire crowd to calm down. When she explained that she'd already paid for camels and carraiges that would be arriving anytime now from Ace of Spades, the closest major city; the whole crowd started cheering as Hera sweatdropped.

    "So much for thank you......" she turned to Taizen. "So, where are you from by the way.....my parents were both mages of Fairy Tail, my dad was even the 5th Guildmaster....and one of the strongest mages of all time." she revealed to him. After traveling with him for weeks, she'd come to like his good manners so she talked a bit about herself more around him. Blushing, she moved her braid behind her hair with a flick. "But...my Mom..........she ugh." Hera fumed to herself. As the crowd cheered behind them.


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    Out of Water, Fairy Tail to the Rescue  Rose


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    Out of Water, Fairy Tail to the Rescue  Empty Re: Out of Water, Fairy Tail to the Rescue

    Post by Taizen 24th April 2017, 5:42 pm

    Taizen admired Hera now. It was easier to speak around her and show emotions. Most times she'd act really cute around him and make his face as red as her hair. Currently, Taizen was watching the huge crowd ramble on. Luckily Hera took control and stopped them from yelling... and then they had gotten even louder. Taizen sighed, "Tough crowd, eh?" He laughed a bit at his own joke. He wasn't really ever good at telling jokes, but he thought the ones he told was funny.

    As she asked him where he was from, his surrounding changed. All of a sudden he saw the dragon, the white cloaks, everything else from his childhood that he'd hidden away. Then he was back as soon as he left, "I... I don't know. I'm sorry, maybe I can answer that question for you later when I think a bit more. I wanted to join Fairy Tail to escape that horrible place known as 'home'. I'd rather lay down on the mountain, bath in the light of the sun, and hang out with my adoptive father, which is a dragon..." he trailed off.

    The carriage and horses arrived, he helped woman and children load in and they were off. As they ran along with the carriages, Taizen would turn to Hera, "What about your mother?" He knew everything about Hera right now, thanks to his physic abilities, but he couldn't tell what she meant by her mother. If she answered or not, Taizen would continue running along with her. They finally reached the new place where the villagers would live.

    "I think it'd be best to go back to Fairy Tail, thanks for taking me on these missions," The man blushed as he wrapped his arms around Hera's sides, and hugged her tightly. Taizen lightly smiled, he found comfort in hugs. He'd unwrap his arms away from her and nod towards her, it was time to go.


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